Dive into the essentials of Embodied Dialogues (in moving, relating, creating, thinking, imagining, being) through Somatic Movement Practice, Ilan Lev Method, Dream & Imagery Work.

Where: Glasgow, UK

When: 7,8.10.2023

Deadline for applications: 05.10.2023

This two-day movement & dream workshop fo with an Open Clinic – Ilan Lev Method (individual sessions) is a transformative and refreshing embodied journey, where the focus lies on the essentials and tools that allow to bring back the present, alive, creative, healing and embodied dialogue within one’s own body and mind connection, through opening the doors for attentive and playful relation between one’s own perception, sensations, kinesthetics & imagination.Open to everyone interested in deepening the somatic, movement and creative access to their own body-mind potential.

Methods that will be used during this two-day workshop vary from:• deep somatic anatomical, perceptual and sensory journeys;• playful, refreshing, kinaesthetic and imagery tools of Ilan Lev Method;• work with the principals of Dreamwork and Embodied Imagery Practice.

Somatic MovementIn somatic movement the focus lies on the study of biomechanics and natural physical practices, as well as looking at the body-mind phenomena as the source of the movement and living knowledge, within the basic and undenied relation with the present moment. Focus is placed on grounding, balancing and strengthening the potential of body-mind connection through the processes of releasing, softening, and listening, as well as the practice of responding with an intention and intuition, rather than control, muscular power, rationality, and effort.

Ilan Lev MethodThe method allows to look at the movement as a creature itself, while diving into the playful, scientific and deeply somatic elements of it.The main goal of ILM is welcoming refreshment, playfulness, regeneration and aliveness into the whole body-mind dialogue through the play of kinesthetics, physical function, image and embodiment journey. The body-mind-system gets a unique opportunity to let go of the stress, the old patterns and habits, while deepening the natural wisdom of the moving & energetic body.The ILM itself will be taught through the group movement classes (weekend workshop) as well as through one-on-one – hands on sessions.Both types of sessions will give participants an opportunity to experience a full range of states, from deep relaxation by releasing tensions, to excitement, or even ecstatic feeling.In the one-on-one treatment session, the person lies on the table and the practitioner moves the body in all directions, giving something that is best described as an “infusion of life”.Movement classes combined with treatment work can relieve real chronic pains, joint problems, and limitations of movement, yet they can affect the experience ranging from the most concrete physical phenomena, to the most spiritual and everything in between.

Dreamwork & Imagery practiceWork with Dreams and Imagery is supporting the practice of Embodiment and Discovery of one’s own inner creator.It opens the possibility to learn how to put the light on the parts of our unconscious self, and to get access to the potential of change and real embodied transformation.Over these two days’ workshop we will touch on the main principals of this practice while looking on its connection with embodied movement and creativity.

Workshop and sessions taught by:Katarzyna BrzezinskaAs a somatic movement teacher – coach – holistic ILM therapist, focuses strongly on the ongoing dialogue between the embodied thinking, moving, creating, dreaming and being, all of this for the purpose of great self-exploration, development, creativity, healing, and re-connection.In her teaching method she combines an in-depth study of the embodiment, kinesthetics and biomechanics of movement, CI & IC, the Ilan Lev Method®, experiential anatomy, somatic and choreographic improvisation and studies of senses, energy flow, dreamwork® and imagination.As an artist in the fields of choreography, dance, performance and installation, she creates her own choreographic projects, researches as well as collaborates with artists in an international context. The subjects of her work move between science, questions around human identity and the imagination of dreams in socio-political contexts.www.brzezinska.spacehttps://backtobody.de/

Thanks for the invitation, hosting and organisation support to wonderful beingUla Grabarczyk

When:WORKSHOP / 7 & 8.10.2023ILM OPEN CLINIC / 9 & 10. 10.2023

Weekend Workshop7.10.2023 Saturday 11:00 – 17:00 (with an hour lunch pause)8.10.2023 Sunday 11:00 – 17:00. (with an hour lunch pause)

Two days of an Open Ilan Lev Method Clinic9.10.2023 Monday Open Clinic with one-on-one Ilan Lev method sessionsRequires additional booking / 10:00 / 11:30 / 13:00 / 15:30 / 17:00 / 18:3010.10.2023 Tuesday Open Clinic with one-on-one Ilan Lev method sessionsRequires additional booking / 10:00 / 11:30 / 13:00 / 14:30 /

(an individual Ilan lev method session last 1hour 15 min)

Where: Studio DANCE Glasgow


Full weekend workshop:early bird till 15.09 – 90 £, after – 110 £

One-on-One Ilan Lev Method session: proposed contribution range between 60-90 £ (limited places)

Registration workshop / ilm sessions with further information:Katarzyna / info@backtobody.de

Quick Registration ( sent your name, workshop/one-to-one/both and email address)WhatssApp – Ula:+44 7849 526642

Costs for participants: 110 £

For further information, please visit https://www.brzezinska.space/teaching/embodied-dialgoues-ws-glasgov

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