The London Dance Company’s Elite Team is in place to provide talented individuals with outstanding potential, opportunities to work with the industries TOP national and international professionals. Providing the correct skills, knowledge and experience within the creative industry. Enabling them to progress towards a career in dance and performing arts should they choose to do so.

Where: Chiswick area, London, UK

Deadline for applications: 13th May 2018

The London Dance Company are looking to offer a team of elite dancers intensive training as well the opportunity to learn new skills and develop their passion for dance and performing. There are up to 18 places available to students age 9+. The Elite Team will be given the opportunity to present their talent, on many platforms around the country, to influential people across the performing arts industry.

Commencing April 2018

Members of the TLDC Elite Team will have the unique opportunity to perform the London Dance Company’s repertoire at many events both large and small throughout the year.

The Elite Team will take classes in a range of different dancing styles, technique development and professional discipline led by the Creative Director of The London Dance Company and special guest choreographers from around the world, all of whom are currently working professionally within the Industry.

How to apply

Info pack and application form can be requested from

Costs for participants: £300 per term

Contact details