EL CUERPO VACÍO (EMPTY BODY) / laboratory of thought into action
From the question “How to live, act and think with global capitalism integrated to settle another world of possible?” (F. Guatarri). Different starting points are discussed  that allow to find, discover and detonate lines of escape from the body and its natural and cultural content. These lines of escape pretend the inclusion of seemingly fragile concepts such as emptiness, vulnerability, uselessness, the unskilled, the fragility and infralight, wide concepts that influence to articulate and live all the time through critical thinking, reflective and intuitive allowing lost and fall within the not traditionally established in order to release and re-discover the individual and collective body in a conscious relationship with gravity, space, time, and especially: the context.

Where: Alicante Spain (Funkadelic dance studio)

When: 9-13 October/ Timetable: 10.00 to 14.00 .

Deadline for applications: 8 October

Playing concepts

The body geographic-The body context- The decentralized body

The body and its own content

The gravity body

The rhizome body – the internal body – multi body

The collective equipment from a particular context

The body Natural entity / Body cultural entity

The subject body / The body object

The architecture of the body / The architecture of gaze

The hypersensitive body / The event body / The amisso body

The enunciation from the individual and from the collective

The map


The Paranoid-Critical Method / The association

The Method Lucid Madness / Misrepresentation

Gravity / Falling

The radicalization of the spiral

The relational

The event

Clamping-Objection-Starting point

The observation



  1. The participants articulate individually and collectively the need to raise and reframe questions that expand and release the body from its natural and cultural entity.
  2. Introduce dynamism to the participants that from the body-thinking action choose an escape from the dominant redundancies scene.
  3. Participants will articulate an amissa philosophy allowing the development of their own body dramaturgy, in which the body is enunciated as long speech of personal content, and from the physicality let us discover other possible worlds of reception, perception, observation, action, thought, presence, belonging and connection.
  4. Insert the urgency of observation.
  5. Rethink the idea of inhabiting time and space through the association, misrepresentation, emancipation of knowledge and questioning the actions and decisions that put us in the processes of creation in the scene.
  6. Detonate a group of enunciation that exposes the need to articulate everything from an observation level event, where the body is living in relationship with, from, to, by, and for the other.
  7. Establish a habitat where perception and reception of the body and the bodies are placed in continuous relationship with, from, to, by and for the space and time.

Video:  https://vimeo.com/117198618

To register, please e-mail sybilagutierrezpoveda@gmail.com

Costs for participants: 150 euros

For further information, please visit https://www.ciadunataca.com/

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