8-month residency program to learn dance & choreography

Where: ArtTheater dB KOBE, Kobe, Japan

When: from July 24th/Mon, 2017 to March 26th/Mon, 2018

Deadline for applications: June 26th (Wed), 2017

This program is designed to provide intensive dance studies and workshops (at our theater) to those who aspire to work vividly as a pro dancer or choreographer in future.

If you join, you will stay 8 months here in Kobe, Japan, from this late-July to next March by living in our share-room house. Our forefront choreographers, stage directors, and specialists have versatile teaching expertise and will give you dance training, workshops and practical lectures.  In one session of the program, our 5 choreographers and all of you will work closely together to create a new special dance to show to audience.  Also, when in the final concluding session, all of you together will produce a dance of your own style in order to perform and show to another group of audience. Our ultimate aim is to produce enduring good dancers and choreographers who will possibly stay active in the front line even when 20 years have passed.

To apply, please provide the following information to us by e-mail on/before the deadline date of June 26th.

(** NOTE : Your personal information will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed or given to any other party.)

(1) Name (full name)

(2) Sex (Female/Male)

(3) Date of Birth & Age

(4) Home Address

(5) Phone Number ( mobile/cell phone number or home phone number )

(6) E-mail address

(7) Essay to explain why you’d like to take (join) this course ( a brief essay of about 200 words )

(8) Dance Experience History (**NOTE: If you had dance education experiences or awards, please list those.)

(9) Photo(s) of your face (IMPORTANT — The file type of the photos need to the “jpeg” format )

(10) Video LINK of you dancing (Please send us either “YouTube” or “VIMEO” links by e-mail )

Costs: Exempted / zero JPN yen, If admitted ( F.Y.I — The regular tuition is JPN yen 150,000 )

Contact details
4-4F Asutakunizuka, 6-1-1 Kubo-cho, Nagata-ku, Kobe-city JAPAN zip 653-0041

For further information, please visit http://db-dancebox.org/

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