Ecole des Sables is looking for its new Head of Production! Join our team!

Where: Online/ On-site

When: October 2022

Deadline for applications: 30 September 2022


Tasks and activities

1.1. Tasks

Within a budgetary, temporal and artistic framework defined by the various parties involved in the project, the production assistant prepares, organises, implements and coordinates the technical, financial and human resources of one or more productions.

1.2. Activities

Search for grants and means of financial support for our educational and creative projects at international and local level, including the preparation of application files and budgets.
Develop partnerships and be an interface between donors, institutional representations and the General Management (information about our activities, search for new sponsors), preparing files and reports for donors.
Establish the production budget, in collaboration with the different stakeholders of the project, monitor and justify it.
Draws up employment contracts for artists and technicians in accordance with the remuneration conditions negotiated by the project leaders; draws up contracts for the transfer of show exploitation rights, ancillary services, co-production, co-direction, insurance, etc.; draws up declarations and requests for authorisations relating to shows.
Coordinate the work of artists, contributors, teachers and technicians involved in the performance, training and education activities; negotiate and organise their schedules and the conditions of their reception, transport and accommodation for the production period (creations, rehearsals, residencies, training courses, etc.)
Adapts the production resources to the conditions of exploitation and distribution.

The Production Manager carries out production activities under the authority of the Artistic Director.


Is accountable for the use of the budgets entrusted to him/her
Ensures the reliability and operationality of the contracts prepared.
Is responsible for the operationality of the productions entrusted to him/her within the limits of the resources allocated to him/her.
Is responsible for the funding situation of the activities granted to him/her and periodically gives the funding status of the programme.

The head of production is responsible for the activities entrusted to him/her, within the limits of the resources allocated to him/her.

Skills and abilities

3.1. Specific skills for performing arts

Possess specific skills to the performing arts sector and a proven knowledge of or sensitivity to the worlds of the performing arts (theatre, music, dance, street arts) and general culture, or at least a curiosity and openness to society.
Monitor artistic and technical developments in the company’s discipline.
Identifies the stakeholders involved or to be involved in production projects.
Construct a budget grid, and be able to analyse budgets.
Analyse or study the feasibility of a production project.
Evaluate a technical sheet for a show and discuss it with the technical managers.
Identify the human, technical and material resources needed to carry out the production project, maintain a network of artists, technicians and service providers and mobilise them as required.
Evaluate the technical means and constraints of the production project
Explain the stages, means and constraints of the project and communicate them to the stakeholders in the production project with a view to making appropriate decisions.
Negotiate organisational and resource adjustments with the production project stakeholders.
Contribute to the respect of regulations related to live performance: social law, safety regulations, commercial law, intellectual property, etc.
For international projects, identifying resource centres and seeking information on the regulations of the countries concerned in relation to live performances.

3.2. Cross-cutting skills for several professional sectors

Use tools for monitoring an activity
Draw up commercial, employment and intellectual property contracts
Apply the accounting rules linked to the legal nature of the company and the nature of the projects carried out
Carry out administrative procedures
Filling in, filing and transmitting administrative documents
Create and maintain relations with all the people involved in the production project
Communicate with project stakeholders in one or more languages (French and English)
Travel if required for the job
Mastering office software – at least a spreadsheet, a word processor, a database -, project management software, specific show management software and digital communication tools

Have a 3-4 year degree in management, production administration or finance.
Have solid knowledge and skills in the artistic and cultural sector and in supporting projects and rights in this field.
Should have at least 3 years experience in the cultural field or in cultural production.
Have financial and budgetary management skills
Be rigorous and have a strong sense of organisation; you know how to manage several projects at once.
Have strong negotiation, analysis, synthesis and writing skills.
Be able to work in a team and adapt quickly.
Must have a good command of office software (excel, OpenOffice and Filemaker welcome).
Fluency in English and professional French is desirable.
Ability to work remotely and be available for business travel.

Full time position on a fixed term contract (based on 35 hours/week /negotiable).
Gross monthly salary (to be negotiated)
Work to be done on site or virtually (internationally)

How to apply:

Application deadline: Wednesday, 31 September 2022
Covering letter, detailed CV and 2 letters of reference to be sent under the mention (PCP.EDS 2022) – by e-mail to (any sending to another address will not be treated),

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