The Tanja Liedtke Foundation are offering an opportunity for you to win cash, by expressing yourself through making dance-theatre short-films, numerous cash rewards of up to 1200€!

Where: Online!

When: Open to submissions from April 24th

Deadline for applications: Entries close 23:59, May 15th 2020

Description of opportunity: Call-out for dance-theatre short films

As a way of contributing to the online arts-community and providing support, in times when many artists are in need, the Tanja Liedtke Foundation invites Australians residing in Germany to create submit short dance-theatre films (3-5 min) for exhibition.

Tanja Liedtke infused her real-life experiences into her often comical or witty work, we invite you to do the same in these COVID-19 times.

The first 25 eligible entries* will receive a 100€ commission for their submission. 15 films selected for online-viewing will receive a further 300€ euros for their shorts. Extra prizes of 800€, 600€ and 400€ euros will be handed out to the top-three films. Your creativity could earn you up to 1200€.

If you’d like to get creating and submit a piece, please click the link below to visit the TLF website!

How to apply / register: Click on the TLF website link below for more details about the project and how to submit a short-film!

There are no costs for participants. We pay YOU 100€ (for the first 25 films entered), and up to 1200€ in total can be won!

Contact details:
Any questions about the project and submissions please contact Paul:
or +49 (0) 176 5687 6578.

For further information visit

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