Dynamic and physical partnering workshop to practice lifts and sequences.

Where: Tanzraum Wedding, Berlin, Germany

When: May 6th-7th, Sat 2 pm – 6 pm, Sun 11 am – 3 pm

In this partnering workshop we create an efficient and dynamic movement language to move together with a partner. For us, partnering lives from the constant exchange of energies and movements between the two people and the surrounding space.
In the warm-up we open our awareness for space, body and partner. Moving into tools to create a clear movement language and understanding with the partner, using spirals and principles inspired by martial arts. 
By studying the physical momentum and ways to recycle energy we are able to move away from stereotype roles for lifting. We will share set material to practice specific lifts, jumps and principles within a movement flow. 
For people with movement experience: dancers, movers, circus, acrobatics, parkour etc.
Experience in partnering is not needed.
Coming in a couple is not needed.

Register and book your spot via akzeptanzmovement.com/book-now

Costs for participants: 120€, early bird April 10th (105€)

Contact details: elke@akzeptanzmovement.com

For further information, please visit akzeptanzmovement.com/book-now

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