Diego de la Rosa & Safet Mistele “Polarization” an 8h Experimental Dance Workshop
An experimental workshop where creativity, improvisation, personality, research, technique, repertory, new ways of moving, creating, and having fun are the keys to succeed. Keys on how to find yourself as a dancer or mover.

Where: Tanzraum Wedding in Oudenarder Straße 16-20, 13347 Berlin, Germany

When: 12th and 13th of December 2020

Deadline for applications: 11th of December 2020

We will be following local laws concerning the Covid-19 regulations. space is limited to a certain extend of participants.

About the workshop:
A strong center is a basic part of understanding the workshop, how to be totally available in the rest of the body while holding a strong center.

Playing with the weight on different body parts to find endless flow in our movements. Using force in order to do difficult movements should not mean stiffness or blockage of the joins.

We will bring short phrases on different levels to understand how to move standing and how to approach the floor in a more useful way.

Mixing all kinds of different styles and also bringing our own approach transformed with the different choreographers and companies we have been working with.

We will play with isolations in order to find different qualities and movements that can help us to create new possibilities to develop our own movements/style.

Improvisation tasks will lead us into the mixture of the set material and the possibility of opening new doors towards a better understanding of our body in order to use it in a smarter way and bring us to the next level of capacities.

Emphasis is placed on creativity and research. We use gravity, isolations, mobility, weight of body parts, spirals, changes of direction, softness, stops, sharpness, and all sort of qualities that interest us to find fluidity and ease in, out of the floor.

The repertory developed during the workshop we will connect it to different set material and also longer phrases together with your own ideas, movement, character, and personality.

We will be able to apply all the principles that we had visit through the workshop. Helping to understand them and take with you further all the ideas.

“Polarization” is inspired by our own passion for moving on all levels and in all directions. Our focus is on a playful, supportive environment to approach challenging material and intense physicality. Participants should come expecting to sweat and have fun.

About us:

Which influences were important for our dance?

Our main inspirations are Contemporary and Modern dance, Bboying, Experimental Hip Hop, Krump, Popping, Flamenco, and Gaga. We take inspiration from everything around us and try to translate it into the abstracted language of dance movement.

What are our specialties and how would we describe our style?
We do not generally like to prescribe ourselves to be a dancer of a specific style. The reason is that over the years, we have been inspired and influenced by a variety of dance and body movement, which is present in how we move currently. Our background is in the urban scene with a strong influence from contemporary and the classical field. We have the impulse to do a lot of floorwork and the dynamics and the energy is very explosive and evident in our dance. We are constantly searching for new ways to break classic movements and try to direct them to unusual places.

What in dance is important for us to pass on to our students?
We are very passionate about movement and we want to transmit this to our students. We want them to get as involved in the work as we do. We want them to explore their bodies and gain more possibilities and a wider scope in their movements, to improve their skills and keep their curiosity awake. It is not only about technique, but about a way of living. We want them to enjoy and learn by playing and have fun and for the ‘work’ to be anything but a burden. We want them to get rougher and be sharper in their reactions, to be physically strong but also be delicate and soft at the same time. We want them to use their personality to move and step out of the box for an infinity of possibilities. To give them keys and direction in order to create their own movements and style. We want them to find their selves and not try to be anyone else.

Diego’s Bio:

Diego de la Rosa discovered Bboying in 2004. In his formative years as a dancer, he traveled throughout Europe and participated in various competitions and events. In 2013 he founded Frantics Dance Company with the other current members. Within the company, he contributes as a dancer, choreographer, and artistic director. In 2014, he also graduated in a contemporary school in Berlin.

Apart from his personal artistic endeavors as a dancer, since 2014, he has worked on various projects across Spain, Greece, and Germany. Between 2015 and 2017 he was dancing for Theater Strahl in Berlin. Since 2017 he works with the Austrian company Hungry Sharks. In 2018 Diego was a guest dancer at Theater Bonn, in the season 2018/2019 he was a full-time dancer at Theater Bremen, and in the season 2020/2021, he became a guest dancer at Theater Kassel. He had been working with choreographers such a Samir Akika (FR/DE), Helder Seabra (PL), Adrienn Hód Hodworks (HU), Laura Scozzi (IT), JDot Tight Eyez (USA), Nadine Gerspacher (DE/ES), Lorca Renoux (FR) and Johannes Wieland (DE) to name a few.

Diego de la Rosa created the duet One’s with fellow dancer Young-Won Song and choreographer Juan Tirado. The duet won the prestigious 31st Annual Choreography Competition in Hanover in 2017 and the group was awarded a residency at the European Centre of Arts Hellerau. In 2018, they developed the piece you.IT.me in Hellerau. In 2020 he got the 2nd award at the same competition together with his company Frantics and also got 1st place and 3 other awards at the competition Burgos New York in Spain.

On top of that, his solo work has been touring in Europe. Apart from that, he has been performing together with Frantics Dance Company between Asia and Europe.

Additionally, Diego de la Rosa gained extensive knowledge in teaching and leading trainings professionally in various dance schools, including Marameo in Berlin, Dan.c.ce in Athens, Tanzbüro Basel, Dock 11 in Berlin, A-Space in Taipei, festivals like B12 in Berlin, D.D.C in Greece and companies such as Staatstheater Kassel, Theater Bremen, Volkstheater Rostock, Theater Bonn and the National Company of Ghana to name a few. Since 2013 Diego de la Rosa has focused on the investigation and the development of his own techniques: “Exploring Possibilities” is the result of his research. He is giving workshops in several places between Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Diego also started his career as a choreographer where he created between Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, and Germany.

Safet’s Bio:

Safet Mistele started breaking in 2002, throughout the years he tried also hip-hop, new style, popping, krump, locking, free running, and parkour where he got a wild knowledge of different styles. He received his first degree in 2014 from the dance department of Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. In summer 2016 he received his master’s degree in dance composition and interpretation.

From 2007 to 2012 he took part in Pina Bausch’s dance project called “Kontakthof with teenagers aged 14 and toured various European and International cities with it.

Since 2010 he has been teaching amateurs and professionals in a wide variety of dance styles in places like B12 festival in Berlin and Tanzhaus NRW to name a few.

As a performer, he has been in a variety of dance Pieces like “Romeo and Juliet” at the Aalto Theater Essen (choreography by Ben Van Cauwenberg), with “Surrogate Cities” as part of the Ruhrtriennale 2014 (choreography by Mathilde Monnier ) and at the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch in” Wind von West” and “Le Sacre du Printemps” as well with Maxine Doyle (Punch Drunk) in „After Lethe“, Tom Weinberger (Batsheva Dance Company) for “Segments on Notes“ and in “Röntgen“ with Helder Seabra.

In June 2015 he worked with Johannes Wieland in an independent production and was a guest dancer for Staatstheater Kassel in the production “Erzengel” (2015-16 season). Since then, he has been a permanent member of the ensemble and he received the young talent award from the Fördergesellschaft Staatstheater Kassel e.V. in June 2018

To register, please send an e-mail to: dr7workshops@gmail.com

Due to Covid-19 regulations, there are limited spots

Costs for participants: 75€

For further information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/353788279220491/