Diavolo is an athletic modern dance company that highlights the strengths and styles of the dancers in the creative process. You will learn about yourself and grow as a mover, performer and artist in this high-octane dance workshop.

Where: The Diavolo Studio, 616 Moulton Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90031, US

When: January 2nd – January 8th, 2023

Deadline for applications: January 1 2023

Diavolo is inviting you to a week long training experience on our one of a kind set piece, Transit Space. This workshop is led by Rehearsal Director and Associate Choreographer Majella Loughran. The intermediate level workshop is open to all levels but dancers must be (18+). It is encouraged to have a basic level of the foundational elements which make up Diavolo; dance technique, improvisation, and an ability to work at a professional pace. Participants wanting to join the advanced level workshop will be considered via video submission.

How to register:
Visit www.diavolo.org for information and registration

Costs for participants:
$450 early bird special before December 1st.
$500 after December 1st

Contact details:
Email kate@diavolo.org for questions or inquiries.

For further information, please visit www.diavolo.org

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