Devising Performance for duos & solos 1-week residential laboratory. Studio ReMo, Amsterdam.

Where: ReMo studio, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

When: open all year round

Deadline for applications: participants can choose their dates according to our availability.

What is ‘devising performance’ ?

A Laboratory which offers choreographers, performers, visual artists or anyone else working with physical and visual manifestations; the time and space to research the creation of a solo or duo work in the full breadth of its multiple meanings and possibilities. We will welcome and facilitate an individual proposal or a duo partnership to share a 7-day investigative journey; working as a cooperative to strengthen and nurture each individual process.

* We are aware of the current difficulties inherent to concentrate and research performance practice. Devising performance offers an intimate and focused research framework and artistic accompaniment in which we create (and recreate) common references, lines of action and collaborative debates around our various performance practices.

This lab is an invitation to anyone keen on developing live solo or duo performance work regardless of their level of experience.


We will provide a full week residency in our studio, from Monday to Sunday, including a single room for one person or a shared room in case of a duo. You will be able to cook for yourselves in the studio kitchen and you will receive a bicycle for local transportation.

The practice will take the form of joint morning training sessions with the artist(s) and choreographers/facilitators. They will include yoga, dance tools, movement and voice research with the intention of fully preparing the body for the creative process. Subsequently, based on the artist(s) needs, we will define lines of work to create the material. This could include: conceptual exploration, improvisation, composition, voice/text research, visual language and extra physical/movement sessions; complemented with group classes, film, readings and continuous feedback.

There will be ample opportunities to also experiment with a wide range of scenic possibilities, including lighting, photography, video, sound, costume research and set design. Participants will be offered plenty of studio and atelier time to develop their ideas during the week.

Artists will be required to commit to the process and are encouraged to participate fully. The final works will be presented in an intimate format on the last day of the residency, and further tasks (for after the retreat) can also be assigned based on individual needs if an ongoing collaboration is desired.


-How do we encourage the performance material to manifest itself?
-How do we develop a practice?
-How can we translate and integrate different disciplines into a concrete form?
-How might we emancipate our ideas through the body?

-Tools for creative work and personal research: how to access them and how to order them?

-How does the body become the field of our work?
-How do the senses help us to navigate our behavior in action?

-What are the different centers and their functions?
What exists between experience and appearance? 

-How do we codify physical dialogues through gaze and observation?

-How can we build internal devices that allow us to expose, contain, mobilize and preserve physical manifestos?


This laboratory is facilitated by Javier Murugarren, Daniel Eagles and Carmelo Fernandez (multidisciplinary artists working with movement, performance, textile and choreographic experimentation)

Javier Murugarren is a multidisciplinary artist working with choreographic experimentation, bringing movement together with textiles, sound and language. Besides numerous collaborations, his pieces have been presented in venues such as Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Saatchi gallery and V&A museum (London), and Casa Encendida (Madrid) among others. He has facilitated creative processes and workshops worldwide. He is a founding member of the Amsterdam Instant collective (2006), and curates ReMo Studio (since 2018), a Movement Research studio in Amsterdam Noord. /

Daniel Eagles is a movement coach, writer, philosopher and barefoot runner. He is a dedicated student of the Ido Portal Method and the creator of the Tao Of Movement, combining multiple movement disciplines into a unique and integrated weekly practice, as well as other ‘Taoist’ Rituals and Public Performances. Daniel also leads (barefoot) running rituals and adventures, and writes and publishes his own modern take on Taoism, Zen Buddhism and Sufism in the form of blogs, philosophy collections, poetry and novellas. /

Carmelo Fernandez is a choreographer, dancer and cultural agitator. After a period with Wym Vandekeybus ‘Ultima vez’ he founded ‘El ojo de la faraona’ dance Company (1997-2010). He also founded the studio “el hueco del ojo” and produced the festival ‘A ras de suelo’. Carmelo regularly teaches ‘movement conduction mechanics workshop’ and ‘TAM’: a series of practices that interweave breathing and meditation exercises, relating walking and the use of the gaze in natural spaces. Together with Javier, he co-facilitates the SOLO lab and develops the stage piece ‘Unexpected dresses for undefined ceremonies’ into a pedagogic system for choreographic research.

How to apply: If you want to participate please send a motivation letter and your available dates, explaining your background and ideas to

Costs for participants: Laboratory costs: 600 euro per person, 1000 for a duo.

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