Designing Space with Milla Koistinen – 4 Days Workshop in the frame of WinterTanz 2022/23

Where: Online

When: 02.-05.01.2023 // 10:00-12:00 (CET)

Deadline for applications: 02.01.2023

This online workshop – Designing Space with body, movement and other materials – is inspired by the recent work of choreographer Milla Koistinen and explores the theme of crowd behavior and the relationship between individual and group. Elements such as repetition, the everyday, gestures, stillness & movement, order & chaos, are central to Koistinen’s work. As is the shift from real to imagined space, from the recognizable/ordinary to the strange and poetic. Together you will explore and elaborate methods of creating space using the body, movement and other materials, incorporating aspects and ideas of choreography into the given tasks. In addition to physical movement practice – individually as well as in the group – we will watch video examples and a selection of texts will be read and discussed during this online time together. The open level workshop also encourages people from other disciplines, like music, visual arts etc. to join.

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