The DB|WD Workshop is designed for professional dancers (18+) to meet a range of choreographers making provocative work in our dance community. Each Teaching Artist will lead a workshop that encompasses their physical and choreographic interests, as well as share an excerpt of their work in our evening performances among a list of Performing/Gallery Artists. Our goal is to cultivate a diverse community, centering the body as site of discourse, joy, and understanding. Partial proceeds for this event will be given to the #blacklivesmatter movement. Workshop Artists include Dante Brown, Yin Yue, Manuel Vignouelle, Yoshito Sakuraba, Brother(hood)! Dance, Mike Esperanza, Christina Jane Robson, Rena Butler, and Jasmine Hearn.

Where: Gowanus Loft (Brooklyn, NY,USA)

When: May 19th – 21st, 2017

Deadline for applications: May 18th

Daily Schedule

10:00am – 12:30pm: Workshop #1
12:30pm – 3:00pm: Workshop #2
3:30pm – 6:00pm: Workshop #3
7:30pm – 8:00pm: Gallery Artist Performance
8:00pm – 9:30pm: The Workshop Showcase

Showcase Line Up

Friday, May 19th 2017
The Lovelies(Gallery Artist)|Kizuna Dance|Sydnie Mosley|Annie Wang| YY Dance Company| Warehouse Dance
Saturday, May 20th 2017
Tyke Dance(Gallery Artist)|Ashley Menestrina|Nicole Stanton|Project 44|Brother(hood) Dance!|BARE Dance Company| Warehouse Dance
Sunday, May 21st 2017
BLAQ Ballet(Gallery Artist)|LostinFlow|Jasmine Hearn| Abarukas| Manguel Vignouelle & Rena Butler| Christina Robson| Warehouse Dance

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Costs: $50 USD per workshop, discounts on multi-class packages.

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