Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival is currently accepting submissions for Round 5: PANDEMANIA…Continues!

Where: Online + Live (Los Angeles, CA)

When: Submissions open now till May 31st, 2022; Festival Dates TBD

Deadline for applications: May 31, 2022

DARE TO DANCE IN PUBLIC FILM (D2D) is committed to promoting dance that happens in the public realm – beyond traditional studios, schools, and stages – dance that explores place and space, creating community and engaging the public as it intersects creatively with film. D2D presents films that explore dance as an urgent, potent, universal language… films that transform our ideas of what it is to be human. We accept films that are shot listed and films that are shot from the hip… films that continue to investigate and push the boundaries between the languages of filmmaking and movement.

In the face of the new Coronavirus variants, and because we are still not out of the woods – D2D: Round 5 invites dance film makers to continue to dance and film safely in accordance with the guidelines of wherever you are in the world. While D2D is founded on the concept of taking dance into the public realm, at this moment the safety and well-being of our dance filmmaking community is our main priority.

We invite you to submit your dance films that are created in public and alternative spaces & places including your homes, or wherever you can FILM SAFELY. We welcome dance films that continue to explore the theme PANDEMANIA! and/or any other any other prescient & moving subjects, ideas, stories, places, spaces that you desire as long as you can do so safely for all concerned. Pandemania is a made up word which we define as follows:

PANDEMANIA: pan.da.may.ni.uh (noun), a state of abnormally elevated arousal, affect, and energy level due to isolation, frustration, anger, and various strong emotions brought about as a direct result of the Coronavirus, as well as issues/world events e.g. systemic racism, immigration, the environment, LGBTQX & women’s rights, and other pandemics in our collective history. Pandemania frequently ensues in a heightened need for self-expression through movement.

DARE TO DANCE IN PUBLIC FILM FESTIVAL is singular in the world of dance film festivals as it is a platform presenting a range of films from first time filmmakers to seasoned professionals. Every year for our judging panel we recruit renowned creatives from the worlds of dance, film, theater and beyond.

This year’s judges:

Award-winning director & filmmaker extraordinaire Adi Halfin, go-to Creative Movement Director Stephen Galloway, Legendary’s Omari NiNa Oricci (founder of the House of Nina Oricci & Les Ballet Afrik) & award-winning dancer/choreographer & Former muse of La La La Human Steps Louise Lecavalier & award-winning director/choreographer & founder of D2D Sarah Elgart.

How to apply: Please read all rules & apply at: https://filmfreeway.com/DaretoDanceinPublicFilmFestival

Costs for participants: $30 per entry

Contact details: Daretodanceinpublic@gmail.com

For further information, please visit www.daretodanceinpublic.com

For more dance film OPEN CALLS, visit https://dancingopportunities.com/category/screendance/