Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival is accepting submissions of dance films up to 10 minutes in length for PANDEMANIA! or up to one minute in length for SIX FOOT DISTANCE DANCES.

Where: International

When: now

Deadline for applications: January 15th 2021

Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival is dedicated to the accessibility of dance as an urgent, collective, physical life force. Now in its fourth year, Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival is committed to the concept of democratizing, accessing, and promoting the power of dance, both live and on film.
We are dedicated to dance that is taken into the public realm, away from the traditional platforms of stages and studios, and then creatively intersects with the camera and the medium of film.
D2D is a call for dancers, dance makers, and filmmakers to use the mediums of dance and film to challenge the idea that there is a right time and place to dance.
OUR DEADLINE has been extended until JANUARY 15, 2021

In the face of the pandemic, this year is slightly different.
We are allowing dance that does not only happen in public, and we have a theme called PANDEMANIA!, which we define as “a state of abnormally elevated arousal, affect, and energy level due to isolation, frustration, anger, and various strong emotions brought about as a direct result of the Coronavirus, as well as issues/world events e.g. systemic racism, immigration, the environment, LGBTQX & women’s rights, and other pandemics in our collective history.

*PANDEMANIA frequently results in a heightened need for self-expression through movement.”

PANDEMANIA! accepts films between 2 and 10 minutes in length.
Go to www.dare2danceinpublic.com for RULES & REGULATIONS or go directly to:

To apply go to www.dare2danceinpublic.com to read the rules & regulations for PANDEMANIA ! & #SIX FOOT DISTANCE DANCES
OR for PANDEMANIA! apply directly to: https://filmfreeway.com/DaretoDanceinPublicFilmFestival

Costs for participants: $25 fee for PANDEMANIA! $6 fee for SIX FOOT DISTANCE DANCES

Contact details: daretodanceinpublic@gmail.com

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