Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival (D2D) has extended its deadline for submissions until July 15, 2022 AND there are still submission sponsorships available (first come first served) through PIZARTS, Dance Gap Year!

Where: Worldwide

When: Now

Deadline for applications: EXTENDED until July 15, 2022

Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival (D2D) is dedicated to the concept of democratizing dance through
the international genre of screen dance. We are committed to promoting dance that happens in the public realm & alternative sites outside of studios and off traditional stages… dance that explores place and space, engages an unsuspecting public, and intersects creatively and in exciting new ways with film.

D2D presents films that explore dance as an urgent, irrational, universal language, and transform our preconceptions of what it is to be human.

Whether it’s in parking lots, supermarket aisles, train stations, or on city streets, Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival is about using film to share the power of dance as a life force that connects us as people… transcending race, religion, ethnicity, culture, language, and socio-economic backgrounds.

How to apply: 1. Read ALL Rules & Regulations for submissions at:

For potential submission sponsorship: (first come first served)

2. Post your dance clip & tag/follow:
@dare2danceinpublic @dancegapyear
#Dare2Dance #DanceGapYear

3. Dare 5+ dancers/choreographers to submit by tagging them in your post!

4. Submit receipt of submission to info@pizarts.com for fee reimbursement*

*If your film is sponsored, your $30 submission fee will be reimbursed.

Costs for participants: $30 USD

Contact details: For further information, please visit www.dare2danceinpublic.com // @dare2danceinpublic OR email us at daretodanceinpublic@gmail.com

For further information, please visit www.dare2danceinpublic.com

For more SCREENDANCE opportunities, visit https://dancingopportunities.com/category/screendance/