“danceathon” is a contemporary dance marathon dedicated to the pleasure of perpetual movement.

Almalibre.co invites dancers of all backgrounds and people who are involved daily with movement to participate in a continuous dance performance of endurance, exchange, coexistence and challenge.

Where: M54 Collective Art Space, 54 Menandrou st, Athens, Greece

When: 7th April 2024, 11.30 – 16.30

Deadline for applications: 5 April 2024

 “danceathon” is a movement meditational process in which the dancers use the intense physicality and the connection with the music to challenge their limits,  without any form of competition or criticism, while they are gradually moving towards ecstasy and personal liberation.

“danceathon” is held with the financial support of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

How to apply:
To apply to “danceathon” please send the following information by 5 April, 2024 to danceathon2023@gmail.com:

1. Subject: Danceathon Application – Athens 2024
2. A short paragraph stating which your relationship is with movement and the reasons you would like to participate into “danceathon”
3. A portrait photo

Due to the fact that there is a specific number of people who can participate in “danceathon”, those who are interested to take part will be notified by an invitation email promptly as soon as their application will be received.

Costs for participants:
The cost for paricipants is 18 euros and the admission for the audience is free.  The audience is welcomed to join the dance marathon for as long as they wish by watching either the entire marathon or part of it.

Contact details:
To apply please visit: almalibrecoop.wixsite.com/danceathon/howtoapply

For questions or further information feel free to contact us

via website: almalibrecoop.wixsite.com/danceathon/contact
 via ig: instagram.com/danceathon.co
via email: danceathon2023@gmail.com

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