Dance your Heart out! Workshop with Nitzan Lederman in Tel Aviv

The heart is the first organ to develop in the human body. It’s action defines the beginning and end of life as a physical entity. We refer to the heart when emotions and feelings of love and pain appear and we find the daily reference to this mysterious organ in our language and expressions.

But what would be the connection between the physical organ, the sensation and the symbol?

Can we actually follow our heart? Dance our hearts out?

In this two days workshop we will learn and explore the surprising anatomical structure, function and natural qualities of the human heart.

Through guided movement improvisation exercises, somatic practices, guided meditation, partner work, discussions and not to forget – lots of dancing, we will try to notice the minor and great changes that might occur in our body and mind when we give our attention to our one and only heart.

Where: Studio Naim, Salame 46, Tel Aviv, Israel

When: 11 & 12 August

Nitzan Lederman:
Freelance dancer, choreographer and dance teacher.

Nowadays based in Tel Aviv, exploring different body-mind methodologies and observing their application on the medium of contemporary dance and performance.

Graduate of SEAD (2012) – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, “Mate Asher” Dance workshop (2008) and Ironi Alef high school of the arts, Tel Aviv (2004). An enthusiast student of the Axis Syllabus research community.

Since 2013 she has danced for: C.a.t.a.m.o.n Dance group – Elad Shechter, Rotem Tashach, Sharona Florsheim, Daphna Horenzcik and David Gordon in Tel Aviv; Shai Faran in Berlin and the artistic director Arek Zietek in Poland.

In 2009 she danced with the “NetaDance company” of the choreographer Neta Pulvermacher in NYC.

She created the duet “Surreal Body” with Ayelet Yekutiel (2017), “FoolOn”(2016) – collaboration with Reut Shaibe for “Jaffa to Agripas Festival”, the solo piece “Heart Matters” (2015) for Machol Shalem dance festival, “Ms. Paul Miss Catch” (2013) in collaboration with Ma’ayan Choresh, for Intimadance” festival 2013, and “Blue” (2015), in collaboration with Eyal Bromberg.

Nitzan teaches dance and movement in different formats in Israel, Europe and the United States.

For more impressions of her artwork please see:

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400ILS for club members
550ILS for non-members

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