8h Dance workshop with Frantics Dance Company

When: 25th-26th of November 2017 /15p.m-19p.m

Where: Marameo, Berlin

Import: 65€ (until 12th November)
From 13th until 24th November the import will be 80€

Levell: Medium-Advance

To register write an email with the subject “Frantics Workshop” to: contact.frantics@gmail.com

The workshop is a very physical, dynamic and emotional experience. It is divided into 4 parts that will be led by the 4 co-founders of Frantics, working on the material of the company, with each one adding his personal touch to the movement. Begins with improvisation techniques to connect with the mind-body, followed by sequences, both on the ground and standing, giving also the opportunity to people to add their own style. We are attracted by physical possibilities; see how far can the human body go without reaching physical damage. With this, we would like to get a sense of flow, where the dancer stops thinking and starts executing. Not everything is about physicality, we also draw shapes that can be created with the body, to create a clear and concise message of what we want to convey.

Any kind of dancer with a certain level and experience is welcome in our workshop, our work is aimed at dancers of any kind of discipline.

Taught by Marco Crash Di NardoCarlos AllerJuan Tirado and Diego de la Rosa.

This experimental dance company was created at the end of 2013 in Berlin. The multicultural group has members from Italy, Spain and Greece and got inspired for the name “Frantics” by the spanish word “Frenesí”, which by definition means “a violent exaltation of a feeling or a passion”.

Mainly, they are influenced by Bboying (breakdance), contemporary dance, acrobatics, experimental hip-hop & martial arts.

The darkness and beauty of Berlin was a turning point in the creativity of these four dancers. They went from competing as Bboys, to performing in theatres, where they realised the change it had provided them. It actually changed the way they work as well as their vision about the possibilities to reach the audience in a completely different way.

Frantics is in a continuous study of movement, fusing improvisation techniques with energetic movements and dance theatre. Its aim is to create strong and shocking experiences for themselves as well as for the public.

Workshop Trailer: https://vimeo.com/241039283

Carlos’ classes: https://vimeo.com/232228796
Juan’s classes: https://vimeo.com/205440112
Marco’s classes: https://vimeo.com/218767150
Diego’s classes: https://vimeo.com/217799634

For further information, please visit www.franticsdancecompany.com