“Drawing In The Wild” 5-day creative dance retreats in Gaudelest valley Alicante, Spain.

Where: Gaudelest valley Alicante, Spain

July 13 – 17, 27 – 31
August 3 – 7,17 – 21

Deadline for applications: July 7

The 5-day workshop retreats take place on a beautiful land in the Gaudelest Valley. The workshop has 2 parts: part 1 is a more conventional class/warm-up from 9 am-11am based in contemporary dance with some classical elements. It is easy on the body and its emphasis is enjoyment and freedom of movement. There is music for most of the class. Part 2 is from 19.30 to sunset and dusk. This is the creative dance workshop where your own imagination and input are important. We will employ some improv techniques like “room-writing” in order to create a more abstract, non-step based language, using points of the body to draw and visualizations we ultimately will describe our immediate mountain landscape into kinetic existence. Alongside these ideas you are encouraged to explore your own emotional and creative impulses including words, language and sounds if you so wish. The essence of these workshops is to share this beautiful space and create a dialogue between yourself and Nature- experiencing peace, joy and connection on a subtler level through your own creativity and presence, ou- a world where walls, mirrors and negative judgements are left behind.

To register email:naturemoves@gmail.com

Costs for participants: 150 euros

Contact details:
skype: robert.poole89 or whatsup: 0034 666805271

For further information, please visit www.robertpooledance.com

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