Composition /Performance/Improvisation/Body

In the Asymmetrical Motion Workshop, we will study body asymmetries and how they can generate better mobility and agility in terms of movement and dance. We will understand the movement of the spine and all the micro-movements involved in it, as well as the relationship between weight and structure for a better motion in space. We will explore the ability of each part to move independently and how this affects the rest of the body.

We will also work around the idea of “singularity”, meaning the process of discovering everyone`s potential and unique way of expression

Where: Studio: Garage 29, Rue de Moerkerke-1030, Brussels, Belgium

When: 9 & 10 Decembrer 2017

Deadline for applications: 5 of December

Lucas Condro has been developing a contemporary dance technique called Asymmetrical Motion and investigating pedagogical methods, questioning the space a class provides and the roll of the teacher, considering the class as a laboratory, with each student a potential teacher.

His work is based on learning through observation and verbalization of information in order to collectively generate tools that are shared and investigated by the whole group, and how this can lead to a drastic change in the learning process

How to apply send a email to

Costs for participants: €100

Contact details:   Ana Iommi & Carolina Mantovano

For further information, please visit

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