Elevate and advance your dance career with “Dance Vision 2024/2025,” SIBA’s year-long program. This program combines advanced ballet and contemporary dance with holistic somatic practices and wellness strategies. It features a curriculum that offers both practical and theoretical insights into dance science and history, and it culminates in the grand “Phoenix 2025” summer dance intensive and its celebratory gala “Spotlight 2025”—an indispensable opportunity for aspiring and seasoned professional dancers.

Where: Salzburg, Austria

When: September 16, 2024 – August 2025

Deadline for applications: Applications are welcome via video auditions on a rolling basis until filled.

Unlock your full potential with the “Dance Vision 2024/2025” program at SIBA – Salzburg Academy for Ballet and Contemporary Dance. Set against the historical backdrop of Salzburg, this year-long journey emphasizes mastery in ballet and contemporary dance techniques.

The program integrates comprehensive wellness and body conditioning practices such as Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi, and ChoreoSophrology. Our curriculum is enriched with a deep focus on nutrition, mental health, biomechanics, and anatomy to promote dancer health and career longevity.

Under the guidance of world-renowned instructors skilled in Cuban and Vaganova ballet methods and diverse contemporary styles, you will cultivate both virtuosity and artistic expression. The program reaches its pinnacle with the “Phoenix 2025” Summer Dance Intensive and the “Spotlight 2025” Dance Gala, where you will showcase your talents in a professional setting.

Prepare to transform your artistry and elevate your stage presence through a curriculum designed for dedicated dancers aiming for professional excellence.

– Program Highlights –
● Advanced Ballet Technique: Elevate your ballet skills with sophisticated techniques derived from the renowned Cuban and Vaganova ballet methods. Engage deeply with pointe work and specialized men’s ballet techniques, guided by our elite faculty renowned for their expertise and instructional prowess.
● Expansive Contemporary Dance: Explore a unique contemporary style that artfully merges various dance forms. This approach broadens your expressive capabilities and enhances your versatility as a dancer.
● Performance Opportunities: Showcase your talent in our prestigious “Phoenix 2025” summer intensive and captivate audiences at SIBA’s annual gala, “Spotlight 2025”. These high-profile platforms offer you the chance to demonstrate your growth and skills, providing invaluable real-world stage experience in a professional setting.

– Program Structure –
● Training Regimen: Five days a week of intensive, performance-oriented training.
● Program Levels: Customized for intermediate to advanced dancers focusing on technical mastery and artistic growth.
● Holistic Training Approach: Customized for intermediate to advanced dancers, focusing on technical mastery and artistic growth.
● Expert Faculty: Benefit from the expertise of Prof. Peter Breuer and a cadre of distinguished dance professionals renowned for their pedagogical and performance excellence.

– Additional Program Benefits –
● Location: Train in the heart of Europe at cutting-edge facilities amidst Salzburg’s cultural richness.
● Community and Culture: Engage with a vibrant community of dancers and artists, enriching your learning experience and expanding your network.

– Legacy and Vision –
● Established Excellence: Since 2006, SIBA has nurtured a plethora of dance styles, fostering a tradition of excellence and innovation.
● Influential Guidance: Drawing on the legendary expertise of previous ballet masters such as Maya Plisetskaya and Cynthia Gregory, SIBA has crafted a curriculum that not only hones technical skills but also enriches artistic expression.
● Professional Environment: Experience a program that mirrors professional dance company dynamics, preparing you comprehensively for the dance industry.

Join us at SIBA – Salzburg Academy for Ballet and Contemporary Dance for a journey where passion meets professionalism, leading to unmatched growth and opportunities.

How to apply:
For application details, visit

Costs for participants:
For information on fees and expenses, visit https://www.siba.dance/dance-vision.

Contact details:
Email: info@siba.dance
Phone: 0043-676-907-7135
Web: https://www.siba.dance

For further information, please visit https://www.siba.dance/dance-vision

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