Dance Technique & Choreography (Intermediate Level)
Do you have already contemporary dance bases and are looking for a project to bring your dance and choreographic skills to the next level?
The Dance Technique & Choreography short term project 2 is the new alternative that offers you 6 weeks of intense classes: in the morning contemporary dance technique; in the afternoon choreographic work, and at the end 1 week with support/mentorship to create a final public showing!!!

Where: TIP- school for Dance, Improvisation and Performance. Freiburg – Germany

When: 10. May – 25.June 2021 (7 weeks)

Deadline for applications: 5th April 2021

Teachers: Karolin Stächele – TT&CH, Zina Vaessen – TT&CH, Lilo Stahl – Composition
Guestteacher: Marion Sparber (Berlin) – TT & Composition

Teaching Times: Monday to Friday 09.30 – 15.00

Dance Technique
This module provides a condensed dance training primarily based in contemporary techniques, such as Release Technique, Floorwork and Flying low. Through consecutive teaching modules taught by various teachers, a targeted training is developed which focuses on different key points.

At the center of contemporary choreographic work is self-creation. From the basis of creative methods, we train skills to recognize and elaborate upon interesting movement material which appears through/in spontaneous improvisations as well as to refine material through consideration of spatial and temporal laws. Through sharing these principles, the compositional senses are also sharpened. The goal is to create and perform long dance sequences, as well as smaller scenes or images.

6 weeks of classes: in the morning contemporary dance technique; in the afternoon choreographic work
1 week with support/mentorship to create a final public showing.

Dance Technique Content:
body permeability, stabilization of the body center, coordination of movement and strength building
efficient use of momentum
changes of tension and quality, rhythm and musicality
spirals, twists, jumps
floorwork and flying low technique
movement principles and dance sequences

Choreography Content:
generating movement material based on different tasks and methods
remembering and fixing movement material
working with tools for editing and duplicating existing movement material
creating options for the organization of movement in time and space
interacting in different constellations (duet / trio / ensemble …)

How to apply: Written application using Form – (you find it at our website)
Detailed description of previous dance experience and knowledge
Letter of motivation
Write applications with PC (please do not write them by hand!) to: (e-mail with attachment)

Costs for participants: 900,-€

Contact details:
bewegungs-art Freiburg e.V.
79106 Freiburg
phone +49 (0)761 27 61 67

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