Dance & Physical Theater Workshop with Anat Grigorio
10 days workshop |indevidual meetings | Studio presentation combined with live music

Where: Batia makov 20, st. Rehovot, Israel

When: July 7th – August 31st 2019

During the period of the workshop we will hold weekly meetings in which we will work on the development of “I” as a performer :
Developing a choreographic idea, translating the idea into movement in a solo and in a group.
We will study movement materials from Anat’s repertoire.
The workshop includes personal meetings with Anat experience a work methods and acquire tools for expression from the background and experience of performing artists in the field of dance performance and physical theater and Is intended for artists from various disciplines (dance, circus, physical theater) who wish to explore and enrich their personal language as performers.
At the end of the workshop we will present a performance work based on the research during the workshop, combined with live music performed by the musician and composer Noam Helfer.

We will focus on a number of topics:
To recognize the self: to create a personal solo and to improve the awareness of the self as the definition of a dancer / performer, How do I as a dancer express myself and get to know my presence? What is the essence I need to be present in the body? What is my “motor” as a performer? how does my personal history, my visibility, my body expresses the movement?
Translation of the concept into motion: We will acquire tools for constructing and applying a choreographic idea. Where do we start? How do we translate an idea into a relevant choreography? We will take a look behind the curtain of the mind to reach a point from which we can perform our self from a personal point of view in a collective perspective.
From narrative to abstract: We will examine the emotional change that occurs in the transition from action to movement: how everyday movement serves us in an abstract movement.

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Costs for participants: until 16.6 2500 nis after 2750 nis ( include free enter to all studio classes during the course)

Contact details: studio tamara
+972 54 673 4258

For further information, please visitסטודיו תמרה רחובות – מחול, תנועה ויוגה

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