DanceKungFu– the master is in the house: Dance Residency. Interdisciplinary project week for dancers, yogis, choreographers, martial-artists.

Where: BlipBase, Ladendorf, Austria ( I hour from Vienna )

When:25th- 30th June 2018 (You are welcome to arrive on the 24th, and stay until the 31st)

Deadline for applications:1st June

Expect a week full of contemporary dance and martial arts training, healthy food and the possibility of transformation.
We start each day with soft Tai Chi – Chi Gong and Yoga.
After breakfast, it gets dynamic with intensive Push Hands practice.
We will learn and dive into the world of contact partner-games of Tai Chi Chuan KungFu. Chi Shou “Sticky Hands” – are on our daily program, as well as “chainfist-trippling” and “Push Hands” – these are partner contact games which expand physical perception and heighten our mental awareness. And they are challenging and fun…

… afterwards, we will have lunch and the hammocks in the nature garden. In the afternoon we go into the dance lab, beginning with release warm-up and physical theater experiments…
We will investigate our layers towards inner mastery – practices of fearlessness, body-energy-centering and mindfulness.
we will focus on the action from the heart, spontaneity, hope, our inner fire, oneness,…
exploring and the use of imagination, to playfully dance
through random realities.
3 times a day you will be served warm vegetarian meals…
6 nights in a comfy tent (mattess+bedding+sheets and pillows+nightlight, carpet) or in the house (4beds in 1 room)…
min 6 hours training&games&retreat daily
sunset-hill-walks, campfires, live music dance improvisations and exciting surprises
08:00-09:00 Chi Gong Yoga
09:00-10:30 breakfast
10:30-13:00 contact KungFu games
13:00-16:00 Lunch & Siesta
16:00-19:00Dance Time + Physical Theater ( Led by Emma James U.K.)
20:00-21:00 Dinner
21:00-22:00 Meditation (Community Time)

To apply for participation email Reini Rio Kopp , with a short Bio, Statement of interest and Video link.

Deadline to apply 1st June. Maximum of 10 participants