Dance in presence of Horses / Embrace the Silence Within & Enhance your Creativity


29. August – 2. September 2017 + VIP day for individual sessions

You can apply for all 5 days or just for first 2 days.

Where: central Slovenia, 20 minutes out of capital city Ljubljana, host is Terra Anima – Association for deep ecology

5 days dance intensive & retreat in near presence of horses, bare feet, playing on soft sand in an open air riding area and deepening your creative potentials. Eating healthy vegetarian food, taken directly from organic garden just in front of your eyes, surrounded with pristine nature just a few minutes walk away from the venue… Perhaps sleeping in the hayloft, just by the herd, deeply sensing their spirit. Embracing the silence within, spending nights looking into the stars above, having enlightening conversations by the fire. You will be able to propose your creative ideas and test them within a group of like-minded people. Surrounding nature: magical woods, lakes, nearby botanical garden and river will offer you an opportunity for chilled evening walks and support you in reflecting the material gained throughout the working day.

We will not ride and we will not walk and caress horses… instead…
We will aim to become
silent observers and students,
humble to learn and truly listen to
what these amazing animals are whispering and what the can teach us

And then we will use this power and transform it in our own creations.

daily morning Kundalini meditation

daily Body – mind- spirit & Contact improvisation class 
daily video lectures on Archetypes
daily Archetypes – as a tool for dance improvisation (time for creation)

Personal Cosmology (guided conversations in the evening), jam session & final ritual dance

How to apply

For further information and applying please visit:

Costs for participants

PROGRAM + FOOD // 300 €
possible  1 day visit (just 1. and 2. day) // 70 €
EARLY BIRD, booking before 21st July
440€ // sleeping in hay bed in near presence of horses
690€ // double occupancy in near by hotel  ŠPORN, 10 minutes walk from the venue
REGULAR PRICE, booking after 21st July
530€ // sleeping in hay bed in near presence of horses
780€ // double occupancy in near by hotel ŠPORN, 10 minutes walk from the venue



Ayurveda & Dance Retreat // Find Peace & Trust you Body’s Intelligence, 5. – 18th October 2017, Maitreyi Vedic Village South INDIA

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