The Dance Education 2-Year-Programme sharpens your skills in dance, improvisation and performance and offers you a refined foundation for your artistic development in contemporary dance.

Where: Freiburg, Germany

When: Audition: 04./05.05.2024

Deadline for audition in May: 21.04.2024

In our classes you will learn contemporary dance techniques. We will foster in you a fundamental understanding of movement through a variety of physical explorations. This then gives you an easy entrance into a wide variety of dance styles. We incorporate the physical as well as the mental, emotional and intuitive processes. In doing so you gain free access to dance expression. With this as a foundation, we train you amongst other things in Instant – Composition: Improvisation as a stage art is one of our core competencies, one which we have been cultivating and developing for decades at bewegungs-art freiburg. You will regularly practice performing on stage in front of an audience in the context of showings and with a big final performance.

Main focuses:
    contemporary dance technique
    improvisation and instant composition
    solo work
    contact improvisation
    choreography and composition

How to apply:
Please use the form on our website:

Costs for participants: € 10.900

Contact details:
bewegungs-art freiburg e.V.
Vocational Training
Ferdinand-Weiß-Str. 6a
D – 79106 Freiburg

For further information, please visit