Dance Date 2019 (NL) | 5 auditions, 5 regions in The Netherlands, 1 big performance at the Holland Dance Festival.

From the end of September onwards the auditions for Dance Date 2019 will finally start. These auditions are for young ambitious (amateur) dancers (14+) who would like to work with professional choreographers towards a spot at the Holland Dance Festival 2020.

Where: Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Arnhem, Leeuwarden

When: 28 September, 06 & 12 October, 09 November

Deadline for applications: On the day of the auditions.

Dance Date. Dipping a toe in the waters of professional dance.

From late September onwards the auditions for the coming edition of Dance Date are starting. This unique dance project gives young ambitious dancers (14+) the chance for a spot at one of our famous choreographers, to then break a sweat at intensive rehearsals and even showcase their newly taught choreography and skills during the Holland Dance Festival!

To apply, use the sign-in form on

Costs for participants: €5 per audition

For further information, please visit
Or for more info, contact:

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