Workshop of dance and voice in Nature on the beautiful Sicilian volcanic island of Stromboli.
Dance with Kea Tonetti – voice with Tivitavi
Butoh Dance – Sensitive DanceVoice – Hara Yoga

Where: Stromboli Island, Sicily, Italy

When: 30 June – 8 July 2018

The meeting with nature brings healing, awakens vitality, opens senses, frees and empties the head, integrates us to our wild nature, that since always is living inside of us, gives inner peace and silence.

Letting ourselves be permeated by the magic of the beautiful volcanic island of Stromboli and its elements, rich in healing substances, we’ll expand the breathing and the body sensations, opening the dance and the voice in union with the breathing of the sea, the stones, the Vulcan, the animals, the birds, the wind, the stars, the sun, the moon…..

We’ll awaken ancient marine and terrestrial memories, we’ll practice on the volcanic beaches, in the seawater, on the lava rocks, on the Volcano mountain, we’ll walk in a state of meditation and listening.

The Nature elements will be our teachers. This journey will let us incorporate the energy of Nature, letting their Spirits dance, speak and sing. We’ll liberate emotions and archaic impulses, unearth personal and collective memories, that tells of the encounter between man and nature, we’ll open ourselves to listening and sensing, in a receptive and irrational way, we’ll let ourselves be danced and sang, open to living totally the present moment, letting forms and sounds become expression of the soul.

Meet the Beauty of Nature as a part and mirror of us and listen to the silence inside of us, that permeates everything and generates every sound, form and movement, allowing the invisible to become visible. Offer a dance, a chant, a prayer to ourselves, to Mother Earth, the Sea, the Volcano, the Sun, the Moon and the Universe.

Practices from Butoh dance, Sensitive dance, Hara Yoga, Nada Yoga, Overtone singing and Sciamanism will allow us to consciously interact with our body, our breath and our voice, in order to awake our own dance and voice in union with Nature.

For Sensitive Dance water practices please bring a diver’s mask, diving fins and thermal shirt.

At the end of the workshop, there will be a Performance of the group, in different places of the island with the live-music of Tivitavi (Tibetan bells, didgeridoo, drumming, flutes, voice and natural sounds), who will play also for some moments of the workshop.

The workshop is open to everybody!
Dancers, actors, therapists, performers, educators and everyone is interested in participating. A background in dance or voice work is not required.

The arrival on the island is on the 30 of June and the departure on the 8 of July.

Kea Tonetti:
Dancer, choreographer, performer and teacher, after a long formative path in the dance which started in 1980, going through different forms of dance from classical to contemporary, tribal and ritual, in 2000 arrives at Sensitive Dance and Butoh Dance, that will allow her to go more towards a search for the essence of dance, which goes beyond the outer forms. Her life, art and teaching have been enriched since 1995 with spiritual, inner and shamanic paths. Her Dance of Soul, wants to go beyond the definitions of style to embrace something wider, the Being, the union of mind, heart and body, the Presence, the dancing touching the deep of human soul, the return to the original body, free from the social covering, driven to dance by the force that flows in life, which is everywhere, it is breath, prana, vital energy. Her workshops are dives in body and soul, enrich the awareness of the laws of movement in dance, give transformation, rooting, vitality, freedom of expression, catharsis; opening the body and the Being to the Presence and to the Beauty and accompanied by the live – music. On her journey she met several masters and artists who enriched her research, such as: Raffaella Giordano (Sosta Palmizi), Claude Coldy (Sensitive Dance), Giò Fronti (Hara Yoga), Atsushi Takenouchi (Jinen Butoh), Yoshito Ohno, Mitsuyo Uesugi, Ko Murobushi, Yukio Waguri, Joan Laage, Hisako Horikawa, Natsu Nakajima, Yumiko Yoshioka, Masaki Iwana (White Butoh), Alejandro and Cristòbal Jodorowsky (Psychomagic and Psychoshamanism), Jade Doniz (The way of the Tarot of Marseilles), healers and shamans from various cultures (siberian, tuvan, mexican, venezuelan). Besides, since 2008 she studies singing and voice with Carola Caruso (Gisela Rohmert’s Functional Method of voice), the voice and the singing are now for her inseparable part of the body and vehicle of the soul, on the stage and in the teaching.
In 2008 founded the Compagniakha with Tivitavi, which produces dance, singing, live acoustic and electronic live sounds performances. Her research in tantric yoga and shamanism leads her to dance in contact with nature and to explore the subconscious and spiritual dimensions of the human being through her art, as well as to deepen the structures and energy flows of the body.
Since 1990 she has performed in various Theatres and dance productions collaborating with various directors and choreographers, since 2008 with Compagniakha has produced 24 performances and various other improvisations, exhibited in festivals, theatres and events in Italy, Germany, Budapest, Basel, London, Lyon, Barcelona, Mexico City, Moscow, Krasnodar, Odessa; the company has besides collaborated with several artists such as Hiroko Komiya, Atsushi Takenouchi, Marek Jason Isleib, Joan Laage, Monique Arnaud (Theatre Noh Master), Alessandra Pescetta (film director).
Since many years she transmits her research in classes and workshops given in dancing places, theaters and Nature sites, in Italy and abroad.

Sound artist, painter and sound massage therapist.
In 1991 meets the Yoga path with the il M° Gio’ Fronti, founder of Hara Yoga. In his research he made different cultural journeys and different ethnic groups: he was hosted by the Navajo of Arizona, Successively, by the Sami people of the Norwegian Lapland, by Tuvan people, in Russian Mongolia, and by the Yolngu, Australian aboriginal people, during these trips, he gained a great deal of musical knowledge, both instrumental and vocal. During his research he met several musicians as: Phil Drummy, Djalu Gurruwiwi (didjieridoo), Mari Boine ( lap singing), Saynko Namcylak (overtone singing of Tuva), Amelia Cuni (dhrupad singing), Lorenzo Galantini (bagpipe), Massimo Laguardia (tammorra drum) Lorenzo Gasperoni (Djembè), Francesca Gualandri (pneuphonia) e Mauro Tiberi(voce). He played with Lorenzo Sanguedolce, Fabio Malizia, Davide Livornese, Enten Hitti e Lorenzo Pierobon; for C.Jodorowsky during his psicoshamanic rituals, Claude Coldy in Sensitive Dance workshops, and Kea Tonetti workshops.
He researches on the relationship between sound and healing for several years, in 2008 met Albert Rabenstein, with whom he completed a training in Sound Massage according to the teachings of the “Centro de Terapia de Sonido y Estudios Armonicos” of Buenos Aires. Followed the training of Nada Yoga (sound yoga ) with Riccardo Misto. For 10 years he followed a course of therapy and internal growth in Psycho-genealogy with Cristobal Jodorowsky and subsequently with Jade Doniz. Since 2008 he collaborates with Kea Tonetti, with whom he founded the Spazio Continuum and the CompagniaKha, in the creations of Butoh dance performances and workshops. Every week at Spazio continuum leads the meeting of “Sound Circle” where he dove he mixes his knowledge of sound and physical practices from Yoga and Shamanism.

The house:

The workshop will be conducted in Italian and English.

How to apply

Is request 200 Euro as deposit or copy of travel booking to Stromboli
Please contact us by mail or Facebook
We will send you all the details to apply the workshop

Costs for participants: 520 Euro until the 05/31 – 550 Euro from 06/1 – Reduced fee for Student and Artist

Information and registration:
+39 02 8723 4399
+39 335 668 0398
+39 333 781 4470

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