Dance Alchemy Teacher Training is 16 days intensive course for dance teachers, leaders, facilitators, movement therapist, yoga teachers.

Where: Bali or Slovenia

When: Bali 8 – 23 February or Slovenia July 2020

Deadline for applications: until the places are taken

Training includes:
– 16 days of direct work with Goran Bogdanovski on Techniques and modalities of dance & contact Improvisation, Teaching and leading skills and methodology, Body-mind-emotion connection, Performing skills, Economic sustainability…
– Online teacher training course
– Ficho institute “Dance Alchemy Teacher” certificate

What you will get:
– 70+ Set of easy to apply tools – modalities, exercises and games for Dance and Contact Improvisation practice, retreats, team buildings, art and movement therapies, leadership training and more
– Ficho structure – simple 8 step process to shape, organize and lead your trainings, workshops, classes, sessions and retreats
– Reverse-Engineering approach to lesson planning.
– Circular approach to building up of a tribe up vs. attending a traditional session with a top-down approach.
– Inclusive environment. Teaching designed for any body type and age, regardless of dance background, experience or level of understanding dance.

By the end of our work together you will be ready to effortlessly and with confidence lead or facilitate a training, workshop, session …

What to expect:
​- Advancing professionally and personally by incorporating Ficho method.
– ​Learning to improvise and express your creativity like never before.
– Growing your confidence to effortlessly lead, teach and facilitate.
​- Gaining new embodied leadership skill set with higher emotional intelligence.
​- Gaining a new holistic knowledge and ingenious ways to inspire and sustain a tribe.
​- Connecting to your deep potential, release internal blocks to be more balanced and centered.

Program was created by Goran Bogdanovski.
His life passion is helping others to expand the knowledge about their bodies, mind, emotions and spirit through creative process of dance improvisation and mindful movement.

During the last 20 years, he was helping passionate people to overcome their limitations and achieve their dreams. He offer embodied knowledge for people that are physically active, grounded in their own spiritual practice and have a desire for personal and social transformation.

To register, visit

Costs for participants: Early bird options from 1,165 €

Contact details: Goran Bogdanovski

For further information, please visit

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