Alesandra Seutin | Vocab Dance brings to you two weeks intensive of dance, encounters, exchanges, experiments and conversations based on Contemporary/Modern, Urban and Traditional dances in and out of Africa.

Where: Ecole des Sables, Senegal

When: 2-14 April 2018 (Easter Holiday)

Deadline for applications: Monday 15 January 2018

An international dance workshop bringing together 40 dance artists from the world in one incredible space.

Participants from Africa and the world will live together, train daily in amazing open studios with inspiring and excellent teachers; exchange, discover dances, practices and cultures from one another within Ecole des Sables, a beautiful and secured dance centre.

The workshop is open to dancers, choreographers and teachers of dance working in hip-hop, dancehall, afro-dances, jazz dance, contemporary/hybrid forms, club, social dance and street dance styles. Participants of all the five continents are welcome to apply.

Teachers and styles taught:

Patrick Acogny | Senegal: Masterclasses in Contemporary African

Alesandra Seutin | UK: Germaine Acogny Technique (Modern African Dance) & Vocab Dance (Contemporary & urban Southern & West African dance)

Vicki Igbokwe | UK: Uchenna Dance (Waackin, Afro-House and Urban Contemporary)

Thomas Presto | Norway: Caribbean Folk Dance & Dancehall

Saky Tchebe | Ivory Coast: Traditional and Urban  Ivorian Dances

Babacar Top | Senegal: Traditional and Urban Senegalese Dances

Fitz Nzoghe | Gabon: Afro-Pop (Jazzé/Coupé Décalé…)

How to apply Please send your CV, two photos (portrait/dancing), a short video of one-minute dance solo (YouTube link) and/or a video telling us why you want to join Dance Afrique at

Fill in the online registration forms on the following website.

Costs for participants 858€/£734

Includes 7 hours of dance a day, standard shared accommodation in the school bungalows, 3 meals a day, a transfer from and to Dakar Airport, evening activities and free Wi-Fi. Not included: Flight, visa (if needed), travel insurance and Goree Island trip (optional)

Contact details

For further information, please visit /

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