This workshop is based on the combination of two components:

“Inside-Out” means to sharpen the awareness of our anatomy and to explore its functionality in each movement . Special movements based on the principle of the myofascial meridians invites to explore a new understanding of the body. By activating our muscle chains movement can become more efficient and more conducting;

“Upside-Down” aims to bring the new awareness in more physical states, as for example in upside-down positions and other demanding acrobatic elements!

Finally we explore these two approaches in partnering and add principles such as alignment, momentum, lever functions, Counter Balance etc. Finally we put it together in a dynamic sequence.

When: 25 and 26 of November, 2pm-6pm

Where: VUESCH – Verein zur Überwindung der Schwerkraft, Berlin, Germany

How do we communicate with our own body and how communicate our bodies in a dialog?

How can we train and explore our body in a playful and sustainable way?

How can each movement become an opportunity to expand the body consciousness ?

All levels are welcome!

Information and regristration:

Costs for participants:
early bird until 18.11.16: 65Euro
normal:                                 80Euro

Venue / Address
VUESCH – Verein zur Überwindung der Schwerkraft (Website:
Revaler Straße 99 , Berlin
Tor2, Stoff- und Gerätelager, 1. Etage links auf dem Gelände des
RAW-tempel e.V.

For further information please visit:

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