This Creative Tools workshop seeks to find an expression of the unique movement of each participant by articulating tools of contemporary dance, acrobatics technique and theatre in a creative and playful way.

Where: B12 Festival. Berlin, Germany

When: 10/07 — 13/07/2022 // 18:00 — 22:00

Deadline for applications: June 8th

lucio a. baglivo
artistic director of lucio a. baglivo lab projects

lucid motion – contemporary dance + theatre tools
this workshop seeks to find an expression of the unique movement of each participant by articulating tools of contemporary dance, acrobatics technique and theatre in a creative and playful way. we will play with concrete improvisation guidelines so as to be conscious of where within ourselves we are coming from, from where we are doing what we do, with the intention that this awareness allows us to know where our focus is and what relationships we are establishing when we improvise. and so we can dive as deep as possible into the development of an idea with a clear direction in search of a particular universe. the objective is to immerse ourselves in a methodology, in a way of doing that gives us a structure to make coherent decisions based on each improvisation we make; and thus understand what we are generating and transmitting and at the same time feel free to play within this creative world. we will try to move in connection with our thoughts and sensations, paying attention to what we are thinking and feeling while we move, in order to reach a complete, opened, available body while moving. these tools will be used as a vehicle to open a wide range of possibilities of expression that will be awakened by self-exploring and connecting with our undiscovered, hidden or blocked capacities of expression. we will focus on one-on-one exercises, but we’ll also participate in group and individual activities.

some workshops offer group improvisation or partnering. these workshops elements may or may not be possible and the teachers and choreographers will modify their workshops accordingly in line with the health and safety measures required at the time. please stay flexible. thank you!

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i work as a dancer/acrobat, actor, teacher and director/choreographer for my own projects, and as an external artistic advisor for different projects, since 2006. in 2007, i moved to madrid from my hometown, buenos aires, argentina. so far, my projects and workshops have been presented in germany, turkey, argentina, brazil, holland, usa, greece, denmark, chile, belgium, switzerland, spain and italy. i´ve been supported by robert wilson, compañía nacional de danza in spain, comunidad de madrid and centro danza canal in spain. the objective of my works is to achieve a scenic work that, through dance, acrobatics and theater, transmits emotions and connects with the audience, enhancing all the senses on stage. each project seeks a language of its own movement and a particular stage poetics. i work as a director and teacher teaching acrobatics, contemporary dance classes and creation workshops, developing my own methodologies: lucid motion, sensitive memory and lucid contact, which are in constant dialogue with my creations. in 2020, my project, mientras tanto, obtained the financial support of the city of madrid and was presented as a working progress in surge madrid festival. in 2021, the project premiered in april in madrid. later on, i started my second project esto podría ser imposible, with the flamenco dancer and choreographer mariana collado. this project has the support of the choreographic centre canal and was part of surge madrid festival. it will premiere in 2023. our first project MyL is touring spain, france, greece and the netherlands in 2022.

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