Calling 4 creative practitioners in dance/movement, theatre, or voice to join Hannah Grace in residency.

Where: Shawbrook, Ireland

When: August 4 – 18th, 2024.

Deadline for applications: June 30th, 2024

I am looking for 4 Creative Practitioners in dance, theater, and/or voice to join me in residency August 4th – 18th in Shawbrook, Ireland.
This residency, comprising 5 artists total, will give each practitioner time in the studio to test out ideas for future performances, workshops, or practices in the beginning phases of research in a low-stress, playful environment. I am looking for other emerging artistic leaders who have concepts they haven’t had the funding or time to explore with others yet, to give each of us the chance to experiment with other bodies/voices/beings, & hopefully continue to develop our ideas. This callout is not for people to repeat ideas they’ve already solidified, & it’s not for people who have already had funded R+D space/time for the proposed project. All participants must be willing to partake in each other’s practices as test subjects as well as present their own (this does not mean you have to be ‘good’ at the given subject, or necessarily ‘enjoy’ it, but have a team spirit & be willing to try things for others).
This residency is unpaid. Studio space, accommodation, & test subjects are included in the benefits. Each artist will be responsible for paying for their travel to Shawbrook & their own food throughout the residency.

The division of rehearsal times will be decided collectively once the collective has been formed.

How to apply:
To apply, please email to with the subject line CREATIVE PRACTITIONERS RESIDENCY – YOUR NAME :
An introduction to yourself & your artistic passions (max 250 words)
A summary of the idea/project you’d like to explore (max 250 words)
Any existing history of R+D of the idea (including studio sessions, classes, self-study – this can be in bullet points or a simple list)
A sample video of your proposed idea, 1-3 mins. (This can be very crude, filmed in your bedroom on your phone is more than acceptable 🙂 )

Costs for participants:
Free to participate – Participants must pay for their own travel & food.

Contact details:

For further information, please visit

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