TransFormation’s creation laboratories facilitate enriching exchanges and research within our dance community. The laboratories are a meeting point, a crossroads of creative ideas and inventive approaches.

Where: Édifice Wilder | Montreal contemporary dance school, Canada

When: May 27 to 31 and June 3 to June 7 + presentation on June 8

Deadline for applications: May 26

The choreographic workshop proposes a vigorous and intimate process that challenges participating collaborators conceptually, physically, and personally in an attempt to continuously search for our true essence as artists and individuals. The process invites a collective questioning of political and philosophical ideas as the starting points for the creative process.

Andrea Peña & Artists (AP&A) is recognized for the creation of critical, alternative and spatial universes that rupture and make a place for sensible humanity. Interested in the depth of human individuality that breaches from a personal disposition as a bi-cultural Latin American artist, Peña’s approach is known for its highly intricate choreographic language and vulnerable, somatic physicality that engages in deep encounters between the physical body and a conceptual research-based approach. With a background in industrial design, Andrea borrows from the spatial and visual art practices that surround this creative making field.

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Costs for participants:
DAC pro – $359 | Visiting pro – $407 | Standard – $478 (CAD / taxes not included)

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