Craft Choreography ONLINE are looking for good quality video recordings of physical performances!

Where: Online

When: 28.6, 26.7 and 23.8

Deadline for applications: 14.6 + 30.6

Be invited to join our Craft Choreography Online, a platform for presenting short format dance pieces. Our focus is on cutting edge physical works not limited by genres. Contemporary dance, physical theatre, circus, urban dance, etc are all welcome… However, the priority is given to the virtuous use of the BODY, so no choreographies “of words” or “of leaves falling”.

– 12-22min of length
– a GOOD quality recording (It is important for our online viewers, so no overblown, dark or super grainy videos, please!)

The partial list of participants will be published as soon as possible, hence, there are two deadlines.

This is a crowdfunded project in which artists will be paid by their viewers (all of the resources go to the participants). In case of the success of this campaign, you will receive between 200-250eur.

The Craft Choreography Online is a continuation of the Craft Choreography Vienna:

To apply, send email to including:
– the name of a country where you are based,
– a LINK to a COMPLETE video recording,
– SHORT bio + website link,
– SHORT description of the work.
The latter two can be updated later. The LINK is the KING.

For further information, please visit

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