Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School – auditions for the three-year diploma programme and the one-year post programme.

Where: Enghavevej 82, 2450 – Copenhagen, Denmark

When: 14 th of August

5 days prior to the audition date.

The finest task of Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School is to support the international group of highly ambitious dancers who wish to develop their full potential, gain profound technical and artistic skills and knowlede and attain a long and distinguished career as a company- or freelance dancer and artist internationally.

This combination gives the students the opportunity to both immerse themselves in dance as a craft and to use Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School as a creative and network building point of departure for the future.

The goal for the Programmes at CCDS is for the students to develop into highly skilled and aware dancers who can take full charge of their own development and handle their careers as professional dancers and artists for a long career in the future.

How to apply: read all the information about the Audition procedure on our website:

Costs for participants: DKK 190

Contact details: Tel. +45 30 24 53 51

The best way to reach us is by sending us an email.
We will usually reply within three or four business days.

For further information, please visit

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