Gangaray Youth Ensemble is a 10-month top-level professional education program providing an excellent stepping stone and a platform for an intensive exchange guided by experienced, internationally recognised dance artists and choreographers.

Where: Budapest, Hungary

When: Anytime from September 10th 2022 – June 30th 2023

The primary objective of GANGARAY YOUTH ENSEMBLE is to create a professionally unquestionable national and international standard in contemporary dance. During our development program we give a deep insight into the company’ repertoire work, giving the opportunity to our dancers to expand their professional skills for their future. The main objective of this program, is to fill in the space between school and the professional work environment. Having our company behind our everyday life, dancer will have the privilege to expend their view in how a company works.
The program offers dancers from across the world, an unparalleled opportunity to engage in some of the best professional and academic dance training.
Gangaray Youth Ensemble provides:
• High level of daily technical training with more than 20 years of professional experience / 5 hours a day / every weekday
• Professional company-like structure
• Customized and personalized mentoring throughout the entire program
• Workshops lead by dancers coming from companies such Akram Khan, Roberto Olivan Performing Arts, Hofesh Shechter, Public Eye Copmany, Marcos Morau, Anton Lachky, Crque Du Soleil, Rosas, Gangaray Dance Company, Joan Ramon Graell, Baró D’evel, Ndt, Jan Fabre, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Damien Jalet, Romeo Castellucci, Goyo Montero, Stephan Thoss, SEAD, Pál Frenák Company, Flying Bodies
• Performance at National Dance Theater’s main stage
• 2 opportunity to create and present your own choreographic work at Bethlen Theater
• Each season 1-1 dancer of the ensemble will receive an opportunity to participate at Deltebre Dansa and Gangaray Summer
• Providing our social media platform to promote each dancer
• Certificate of completion at the end of the season
– Nationally unique and safe working environment
• Free studio uses for dancers
• An egalitarian atmosphere where dancers, tutors and directors operate on a level playing field
• Personal talk evaluations during the season
• To support our dancer’s future, availability to participate at auditions
• Providing personal videos as self-promotion
Our invited teachers for season 2021-2022:
Eulalia Ayguade Farro
Vittoria De Ferrari Sapetto
Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi
Tijen Lawton
Tamás Bakó
Gáspár Téri
Fanny Esterházy
Ádám Fejes
Akira Yoshida
Sofia Nappi
Zachár Lóránd
Inaki Azpillaga
Laura Aris
Kornélia Mangi
Korinna Spala
Zoltán Grecsó
Main teacher of the season:
József Hámor – Gangaray Dance Company Artistic Director
Tímea Maday Kinga – Founder of G.A.P., Principal Dancer of Gangaray Dance Company
Elisa Insalata
We invite dancers and dance students ages 18-years and up to spend a season with us at our company’s home in Budapest and take part in our 10month pre-professional Dance Program which begins each September.
We prepare our dancers by giving an opportunity to develop professionally their capacity as a dancer in this early career which should necessary include performing skills as well.
With more than 20 years of professional experience in the dance field we can assure the members to receive the highest level of education.

YouTube link:

How to apply:
Application can be made only through video!
STEP 1: Fill in our application form / find it under or on our website
STEP 2: Send your application to,
– Add to the subject of the letter: Audition / name, surname
Link of application form:
In the video you must include:
· Clearly in english present yourself with a few sentences, followed by your motivation why you would like to join GangarayYouthEnsemble
· Contemporary technique or improvisation / your choice – you must include standing and floor material
If you choose to put a group work into your application video, make sure the management is clearly able to recognize you!
The video applications will be viewed and selected by Artistic Director of Gangaray József Hámor and the founder of the program Tímea Maday Kinga.

Costs for participants:
For more details get in touch with the company! In order for us to be able to find the best price for you, let us know your planned time frame of joining the program in your email.

Contact details
To find out more about us and our work, please visit our website or get in touch with us by sending an e-mail to

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