2 Day Contemporary Workshop with Nadine Gerspacher: Floorwork, dynamics, body awareness, breathwork, stability, core strength.

Where: Freiburg/Merzhausen, Germany

When: 03. & 04. August 17h-20h

The lesson includes a warm-up by raising awareness of breathing and muscle tone, joint mobilization and stability. This serves to improve body strength. In class, Nadine varies between movement games and technical exercises. This creates challenging variations. Nadine also teaches very clearly how to move freely, with a strong and controlled body. Intensive floor work improves awareness of space, the center of the body and its bases in order to be able to move freely, quietly and safely. Partner work, guided improvisations and theatrical exercises are important components of your lessons. Her intent is to promote the playfulness and creativity of her students in their movements and expression

About Nadine Gerspacher:
Nadine Gerspacher works as a freelance artist worldwide. Since 2011 she has been developing her own creative project “Cia Nadine Gerspacher, in which she works as artistic director, dancer, lecturer and choreographer.

She has been touring with the internationally renowned dance theater company “Dave St. Pierre” from Montreal for 4 years and works for various choreographers and institutions worldwide.

Since 2007 Nadine Tanztheater has been teaching and creating pieces at various training schools, companies and universities among others: B12 Berlin, El Revés Costa Rica, ArtEZ University of the arts Holland, Iwanson international Munich, Johannes Wieland Kassel, Accademia Nazionale di danza-Roma. In 2015 Nadine worked as a choreographer for Cirque du Soleil and her latest project “Heart”. In 2017 Nadine was awarded the “Isadora Prize” by the Iwanson Sixt Foundation “for her services to contemporary dance”.

In 2018 Nadine received project funding from the Kulturamt Freiburg and from LAFT Baden-Württemberg for her new production “The age of aquarium”. The first part of the trilogy is a contemporary dance theater that deals with the fusion of technology and people. In 2019 Nadine will receive funding for the second part of the trilogy “Let it rain”. In February 2021 she will celebrate the premiere of the last part of the trilogy: “Non upgraded existence.

In 2018 she founded “FRE3 BODIES” with Nicolas Ricchini and in collaboration with Anna Sanchez, an 8-month training program for creation and performance.

To register:https://www.studioproarte.de/kopie-von-angebot

Costs for participants: 75€ Regular, 70 € Early Bird (until 15 July)

Contact details: Studio Pro Arte
Am Rohrgraben 4a
79249 Merzhausen/ Freiburg

For further information, please visit www.studioproarte.de

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