A 5-day Contemporary dance intensive in south Switzerland, exploring various technique and approaches to deepen the research of individuality and presence in contemporary dance and performance.

Where: Veicolo Danza Studio, Via Ponte Laveggio 3b, CH-6853 Ligornetto (TI), Switzerland.

When: 27-31 July 2022

Deadline for applications: Early Bird 15 June 2022

The Contemporary Lab (27-31 July) is an intensive programme including Body Mind Centering®, contemporary dance techniques, and instant composition. Aimed at students experienced in contemporary dance, this workshop is an exploratory journey in which teachers offer different approaches interconnected by the universality of body expression and the common intention to nourish it with new insights. Exciting days in which participants will investigate the creative processes of dance from different points of view, and from as many experiences that, around the same common thread, will come together in a presentation open to the public.


h9-10:45 Body-Mind Centering® with ANNA KELLER
We will explore the sense of touch, as a space of encounter with ourselves and the other, and from it we will track paths to our senses potential in inner/outer space interaction. Our explorations will lead us gradually to the very specialized sense of sight, the less stimulated sense before birth. Using movement and sound, we will experience how other senses support the way we touch the environment with our eyes, and contribute to visual representation.

h11-15 (with lunch break) Exploring technique & Playground with LAURA VILAR
This workshop proposes to dive in a process of researching on an open field of personal interest letting the moving body and also the philosophical issues emerge. Let us play and explore the ground for rethinking, unbalancing, or interrelating a situated perspective, in the creative processes in dance.

h15:30-17:30 Improvisation* with ALESSIA DELLA CASA
This workshop aims at exploring presence as individuality in the present moment, as the dialogue and permeability between the internal and external states of the body. Through the experience of stasis in relation to dance, the breath as the first generator of movement and the gaze as direction and intention of the body, we will try to cultivate a presence that nourishes movement in relation to space, context and the other dancers. The workshop will end in a public presentation.

Arranged accommodation is possible: CHF 250, to book by 15.6.2022, limited places

To enrol, you can fill out the enrolment form on our website at www.ticinoindanza.com/labenglish

Costs for participants: Early bird before 15.6.22: Full Lab CHF 450 / Single course CHF 150

Contact details: ticinoindanza@gmail.com
Phone and Whatsapp +41 765827345

For further information, please visit www.ticinoindanza.com/labenglish

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