Structured in two parts: masterclass & repertoire, the workshop aims to help dancers become balanced, flexible, authentic and aware of their abilities.

Where: Clifford Studio Amsterdam, the Nethelrands

When: 23-26 October 2023

The intensive floor work in the masterclass helps achieve strength, coordination and softness in the body while performing movements and expanding capabilities.

The repertory sequences will be built from a physical and dynamic standpoint, focusing primarily on evolving orientation in a three-dimensional space, aiming to develop new skills for dancers, including acrobatic flips and tricks on the floor.
It will be a multifaceted training that explores new coordination systems and provides open perspectives to the participants, trying to keep the body free, natural and versatile.

How to register:
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Or simply send DM here on my Insta: @mnfst_

Costs for participants: 135€ per person all days or 45€ a day

Contact details:
Instagram: @mnfst_

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