DANCE SPACE SUBJECTIVITY was born with the idea of ​​making space dance, to give it a complex and diversified vision of the bodies and energies that cross it, thanks to the interaction between the places and the people who inhabit them.

Where: Solofra (AV), Italy

When: 26 August – 23 October 2022

The idea of ​​the artistic director of the Festival, Maria Teresa Scarpa, is to make the experience of artistic and cultural enjoyment a constant appointment in the province of Solofra, assisted by a stable and creative relationship between the inhabitants and the hosted artists. In this first year of the triennial funded by MIC (Ministery of Culture), Ra.I.D Festivals presents 12 companies, between August and October 2022, with 22 performances between national and international productions, special projects and proposals for young author’s dance.
The Festival kicks off on Friday 26 August from the Monumental Cloister of S. Chiara in via Regina Margherita (five consecutive appointments before moving to Palazzo Ducale Orsini with the same number of dates) with the companies Naturalis Labor and Artemis Danza. The first ensemble performs “Serata Trittico” by Luciano Padovani; the second, aka Monica Casadei’s contemporary dance company, in “Metamorfosi” by Christian Pellino. On Saturday 27 August it’s up to Corporeamente in “Lo Que El Agua Me Dio” by Vincenzo Capasso and Artgarage in “Human” by Emma Cianchi. On 2 September it will be the turn of two projects financed by the MiC: Woman Made (Boarding Pass) with the works of Artgarage and Borderlinedanza dedicated to the investigation of male and female stereotypes and Genius Loci (Special Project 2022). On 9 September the Cloister will be all for Enzo Cosimi in “Coefere Rock & Roll”, the second stage of the ORESTEA project. Revenge trilogy: in a realm of childhood nightmares, broken toys, colorful blankets, the ferocity of a heinous crime is looming that questions the individual and with him the whole of humanity.
Double show the following day: first “Sacre” by Claudio Malangone, in which the Borderline Danza Company reinterprets the famous sound and choreographic text of the Rite of Spring and then Artedanza Project in “Sakamoto Suite” by Tiziana Petrone pays a tribute to the Japanese musician, composer and actor.
From September 30 we move to Palazzo Ducale Orsini: the MF Company inaugurates the stage with “C’est Pas Grave” by Francesco Colaleo and Maxime Freixas. On October 9, the Albanian Danza Company in “Sorry, I Have Rehearsal” by Gjergj Prevazi, an experimental research on the theme of rehearsal, as the final act of the curiosity of being, and ARB Dance Company in “Divine” by Roberta de Rosa, a celebration of “quel donna” narrated by verses of canto XXXIII of Paradise (Dante Alighieri), addressed to the Virgin. On the 14th Artgarage proposes “Silence” by Emma Cianchi. White, large, silent space: performers and sound designers merge and become part of a single creative process poised between live-performance and installation. On the 16th Petranura Danza will interprete “Fisiognomica” by Laura Odierna and Salvatore Romania followed by Campania Danza in “Traces of Dance” by Antonello Apicella. Last double appointment on the 23rd with HUNT in “If Not Now, Never” by Loris Petrillo, in the bicentenary of “L’Infinito” by Giacomo Leopardi, and with Alessia Muscariello, representative on the scene with “Solo” of the C.Re.A.Re. Campania, a Center of Regional Artistic Residences of Campania that offers itself to artists as an opportunity for comparison and development of their work

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