Contact improvisation and Argentine tango.

Similar principles with a slightly different approach.

A unique two in one 5 day course focusing on different aspects of partnering developed to improve communication and improvisation skills.

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

When: August 13th to 17th; 10 am to 2 pm

Deadline for applications: August 10th

The five-day workshop based on two seemingly incompatible systems is designed to develop improvisation and interpretation skills.

Contact improvisation principles will be used to develop a spontaneous physical dialogue between dancers. We will explore the concept of lead and follow, giving and receiving weight, focus on push and pull, resistance, rolling and impulses with the objective of creating authentic movement encouraging spontaneity and the sense of togetherness.The second part of the workshop will explore leading and follow patterns used in Argentine tango. The system will focus on footwork, working with dynamics and quality of the walk to see how this translates into partnering. We will also learn how to improve awareness of our centre of gravity and use our axis, both vertical and horizontal when both parts of our bodies work independently. Our aim is to achieve better communication, to improve the understanding of our partner and thus enhance improvisation and interpretation skills.

About: Mirka Eliasova – dancer, teacher, choreographer, improviser

After graduating from choreographic studies at the HAMU ( Musical Academy of Performing Arts in Prague), Mirka started focusing on the use of improvisation in contemporary dance, having developed a number of improvisation projects and concepts. She studied improvisation with Randy Warshoe, Kirstie Simson, Lisa Nelson, Daniel Lepkof, Ivan Wolf, Julian Hamilton and David Zambrano among others. She currently teaches improvisation at HAMU and in independent workshops. She is the author of 20+ original choreographies, has worked on operas at Prague National Theatre and Opera Ústí nad Labem and collaborated on 4 dance films. She received the Prix de Intellect 2000 and dance film prize at the Písek Festival. Since 2008 she has collaborated on site-specific performances with the Berg Orchestra to live music of contemporary composers. Her work was performed at international dance festivals in the Czech Republic and Europe.

About: Regina Hofmanová – choreographer, movement director, filmmaker

Regina received an MA from the Interpreting and Translation Department at Charles university in Prague and later graduated from Choreographic Studies at the Dance Department of HAMU. Since then she has worked as choreographer and movement director with a number of renowned opera directors such as David Pountney, Thaddeus Strassberger, Roman Hovenbitzer, she has produced a number of independent dance projects, video installations and short films including the successful Steadfast screened at a dozen festivals worldwide including the prestigious Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema and San Francisco Dance Film Festival. Regina started studying and dancing Argentine tango more than 20 years ago visiting Buenos Aires several times to study tango technique with famous maestros such as Aurora Lubiz, Claudia Bozzo, Andrea Misse , at the DNI studio and others. She often combines Argentine tango with contemporary dance in her choreographies ( Tango for 5, in operas Candide, Man and Boy Dada etc.). Most recently in Après Rasage for the NDM Ballet in Ostrava.

Further information and payment details:

Costs for participants:
Earlybird ( before June 20th ) 80 EUR; 100 EUR ( after June 20th )

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