We invite all dancers and choreographers to apply with a unique and meaningful contribution to the competition, contact.energy ’22.

Where: Erfurt / Germany

When: Octobre 8th 2022

Deadline for applications: 31.08.2022

The contemporary dance contest contact.energy ’22 takes place at Octobre 08 2022. We invite all dancers and coreographers to apply with an unique and meaningful contribution to the competition contact.energy ’22. After the success of the first contest during the 2. International Tanztheaterfestival in 2010 we continue with the motto contact.energy. It’s the aim of the artist to create a creative and exiting connection between himself and the audience.
The contest takes place during the 8. Internationalen Tanztheaterfestival. A professional jury will judge the performances. The three most outstanding and compelling performances will receive an award. There will be also an audience award. Please look at the contest conditions below.

Contest Conditions:

1. All national and international dancers and choreographers over 18 years are invited to apply.
2. The performance can be presented in form of a solo, duo or trio. A time frame of 5-10 minutes may not be exceeded. It is the choreographers decision who will present the piece (he/she can do it him/herself)
3. In order to apply for the contest, dancers and choreographers need to fill out and submit the dance contest application form. Please also include:
– artistic curriculum vitae of all participating dancers and choreographers
– video of the performance (final production or rehearsal) on DVD or internet link
– a brief description that reflects the intentions of the piece (maximum of one page)
4. Key performance criteria of the contest presentations are:
– overall impression of the artistic performance in relation to the choreography
– handwriting and the dancing skills of the performer
– dramaturgy of the piece
– creative potential
– personality
5. Applicants will be notified upon acceptance or rejection in every case. If there should be a return of submitted documents (curriculum vitae, CD/DVD, application form) an envelope with a return address and proper postage must be provided.
6. Depending on the quality of the submitted entries there will be a presentation of 8-10 performances at the contest.
7. Each group is given a maximum of 45 minutes on the day of the contest or before the contest to prepare on stage and do a rehearsal.
8. Complex stage sceneries that require elaborate equipment and light set-up are not possible, but you may use equipment that can easily be moved and does not interrupt the program execution.
9. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any copyright problems.
10. The dance contest organizers are not responsible for travel costs.
11. The following prizes are awarded:
– 1. Prize: 1000,00 €
– 2. Prize: 500,00 €
– 3. Prize: 250,00 €
– Audience Award: 250,00 €
There is no application fee.
12. Application deadline is August 31, 2022 (postmarked or by e-mail). Later
applications are not considered.
13. The legal process is excluded.

How to apply Please send your applications to:

Tanztheater Erfurt e.V.
Lachsgasse 3
99084 Erfurt



You will find the application form and further information about the 8. International Tanztheaterfestival 2022 on our website:

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