CONNECT is a pre-professional dance training program in Bangalore spanning over 4.5 months of regular training in fundamentals of contemporary technique, modern dance, ballet, martial arts and choreography.

Where: Meeraqi, 601, 1st Floor, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar 560038 Bangalore India

When: CONNECT 3 starts on 9th June 2018. Registrations are open now.

Deadline for applications: 25th May 2018

Connect 3: Pre Professional Certification Contemporary Dance Intensive In BangaloreMeeraqi is an arts organisation with a strong emphasis on contemporary dance. At Meeraqi, we have dance intensives, workshops by national as well as international faculty, dance productions, and long-term certification programs.

One such pre-professional certification contemporary dance intensive at Meeraqi is called Connect.

We are pleased to announce the 3rd edition of Connect.

Connect is a pre-professional certification contemporary dance intensive spanning over 4.5 months of regular training in fundamentals of contemporary technique, modern dance, ballet, martial arts and choreography.

Who is Connect for?

Connect 3 Pre Professional Certification Contemporary Dance Intensive is for anyone who is interested in learning contemporary dance. Since we do understand your time constraints around your regular work hours, the course is designed keeping in mind that you may get intensive training without impacting your work.

There are two batches for Connect – Weekday and Weekends.

The weekday batch is from Monday to Thursday7 am to 9 am, which is 8 hours in a week and subsequently over 32 hours of intense technique training over one month.

The weekend batch is on Saturdays and Sundays – 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. This too is 8 hours in a week and hence over 32 hours a month.

Connect 3 Pre Professional Certification Contemporary Dance Intensive is designed in such a way that you can choose either of the batches and yet continue with your work, uninterrupted. This course is specifically for working professionals with a strong desire to learn movement arts.

Who are the facilitators for Connect?

In every new batch of Connect, we change our teachers in order to give the best experience to our students who must learn as much as they can in a span of 4.5 months. The teachers for Connect 3 Pre Professional Certification Contemporary Dance Intensive are extremely qualified in their respective fields of movement practice and research.

Sahiba Singh
Sahiba Singh is the creative director of Meeraqi, an arts organisation in Bangalore. She is a contemporary dancer and choreographer. Sahiba has been spearheading dance education in contemporary dance for over 5 years now. She explores possibilities in the physical body by using release technique. Release technique is a contemporary dance technique that emphasizes the use of bones and joints and aims at efficient and effortless way to move. Sahiba is also a choreographer who has choreographed dance productions such as Parallel Intersection, Shedding Grief, and Dream Baby Dream. She has a company of 11 dancers that train under her and keep performing regularly.

To know more about Sahiba, please visit her website

Anna Olkinuora (Finland)
Anna Olkinuora is the artistic director of UtoUto. Anna is a physical theatre practitioner with a strong understanding of yoga and contemporary dance. She started as an actor when she was 10 and is still on that same journey of creativity and expression, endlessly searching, exploring and playing.

Anna has studied and worked in England, India and is now in Finland focusing her time on directing UtoUto’s creative work, practicing Butoh and telling stories through the body. We are very excited to have Anna with us for the Connect program in term 1. To know more about Anna, visit to see her work around physical theatre and Butoh.

Nathaniel Parchment (UK)
Nathaniel is a dance educator, teaching for over 15 years working mostly in London and other parts of Europe. Nathaniel focuses on Ballet for contemporary dancers, along with modern dance styles like Horton, Cunningham, Limon, Graham. He also specializes in postmodern techniques like Release technique, Contact improvisation, Somatic and Yoga dance. Nathaniel finished his Masters in Enterprise and Management for the creative arts from University of the Arts London in 2006. He finished his diploma in Dance from Lewisham College and BA from London Contemporary Dance School. He has also worked with Trisha Brown Dance Company and Limon Dance Company. Nathaniel is highly reputed as a teacher with various degrees in Classical as well as modern techniques.

Erica Kaufman (USA)
Erica will be teaching basics of contact improvisation and yoga practice at the Connect program.
Erica is a student of Krishnamacharya’s teachings and studies at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram ( in Chennai, India.

Erica is the founder of Lila Yoga® which is affiliated with Yoga Alliance (

She has been practising since 1975, teaching since 1984 since she also has a degree in formal studies in Body-Mind Centering, Contemplative Dance, Authentic Movement, Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Mindfulness Living, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique. She has also been teaching Contact Improvisation since 1989.

To learn more about Erica, visit

Raam Kumar
Raam Kumar will be teaching Kalaripayattu, an Indian martial arts form from Kerala.

Kalari is the oldest martial art. Its format is to train your body to find a completely different body vocabulary which will help you in increasing your reflexes and reactions, as well as find more grounding, increased flexibility, balance and agility.

Ronita Mookerjee
Ronita is a contemporary dancer, performer, and choreographer. She will be teaching you strength training, acrobatics, floor work, flying low, contemporary technique and body conditioning.

Ronita is the winner of Pecda best performance 2016, and the winner of Bench 2017. She toured with her who, to 6 cities in England as part of the Bench award.

Parth Bhardwaj
Parth is a choreographer, performer and a mentor. With an experience of over 10 years, Parth specializes in contemporary dance with an understanding of release, strength work, choreography, technique and improvisation.

Parth will be teaching contemporary dance technique with a special focus on strength training.

Prashant More
Prashant will be teaching Flying Low techniques. Flying Low is a fast emerging technique in the world of contemporary dance that focuses on floor work with emphasis on an understanding of how energy travels through the body, inside and outside of it. By the principles of sending and gathering, this form teaches you to explore movement through agility, speed, control and coordination.

Sankalp Sharma (New York)
Sankalp will be teaching Graham Level 1 and 2 over two terms. Sankalp studied Graham technique for 1 year in New York at Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance. He then moved to Peridance Capezio Centre where he explored Horton and Simonson techniques.

Atul Kumar
Atul Kumar will be teaching improvisation technique. Improvisation technique focuses on understanding body awareness and connections to move freely without a set choreography. The technique teaches to explore one’s own unique physical language and go deeper and beyond the faculty of the body and its limits.

Atul Kumar is a renowned dancer, improviser and a choreographer.

Tanushree Singh
Tanushree is the senior member of Meeraqi Dance Company who will be teaching MDC repertoire and release technique with emphasis on theatre and narratives.

Yashu M.
Yashu is the senior member of Meeraqi Dance Company who will be teaching MDC repertoire and release technique with emphasis on acrobatics and strength training.Connect 3 Pre Professional Certification Contemporary Dance Intensive spans over 4 months of technique training followed by 3 weeks of production rehearsal. The choreographer for the production will be Sahiba Singh.You can also be a part of Meeraqi Dance Company after completing your 4-month certification course at Connect 3 Pre Professional Certification Contemporary Dance Intensive.

There are periodic feedback sessions through the course by each teacher to help you get better with your training. The emphasis at Connect lies in teaching the foundations of contemporary dance by going deeper into classical techniques, modern dance techniques, postmodern techniques, contemporary techniques, choreography composition and improvisation to give you a holistic understanding into the world of dance.

CONNECT 3 starts on 9th June 2018. Registrations are open now. We would love for you to be a part of the growing Meeraqi community.

How to apply

Email us on or call Sahiba Singh on +918861437687 and you will get further instructions to submit your dues to join the course.

Costs for participants: INR 40,000

For further information, please visit