Two-week dance improvisation, poetry and performance workshop with Sasha Dodo and Dolores Dewhurst-Marks.
The workshop is the second part of Art continuum nomadic residency program in Thailand, April 2023.

Where: Koh Phangan, Thailand

When: 17 – 30 April 2023

Deadline for applications: 1st April 2023

Art continuum residency is designed for international artistic exchange, development and production of art, focused in fields of dance improvisation, performance, poetry and film.
The residency is a supportive and inspiring environment for emerging artists and artists searching for new perspectives, multidisciplinary experimentation and artistic development in collaboration.
It supports the process of clarifying artistic vision and mastering its articulation.
It gathers people of different backgrounds and nationalities, both amateur and professional.

The workshop is designed as an inspirational environment for focused practice, creation and learning from self, others and the space.
The practice will be grounded in being physically, attentionaly, and poetically available for the immediacy, and intends to enhance and refine our compositional, relational and collaborative abilities.
Part of our work will be dedicated to the process of creating conditions in which the ordinary becomes poetic; where everything is alive, meaningful, interconnected and about to change.
We will approach:
Dance improvisation as the art of listening.
Poetry as a deeper form of attention, that allows a new language to arise from the embodied experience.
Performance as the process of revealing what is already present in the space.
Silence as a shared ground, space of communication and revelation.
The last 3 days of the workshop will be for making a series of improvised dance performances – ‘Silent Conversations’.
The material of the workshop is based on the principles of Contact Improvisation, and therefore previous experience of the practice is required.

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Costs for participants: sliding scale 410 – 270 EUR

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