Sita Ostheimer guides you through an ongoing process of discovering, learning, growing and expanding. She offers inspiration, time and tools to explore your personal movement pathways, recognising tension, breaking unconscious habits, by bringing you deeper into your own senses, grooviness and imagination.
Complimented by Attilas Rónai rhythmical game of house footwork and funky movement connections.

Where: Eden Studios***** Dock 11 | Breite Str. 43 Berlin, Germany

When: May 15 – 19 | Monday – Friday 11am – 2pm with Sita Ostheimer | pluS Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3pm – 5pm Attila Rónai

Deadline for applications: 21. April 20223

Each day the dancers will be guided through Sita’s improvisation technique.
Recognising tension, breaking unconscious movement habits through connecting to weight,
this workshop enables participants to be in control of their own physical instrument and continue growing creatively, technically and emotionally. Sita works with a game of images, situations, feelings, rhythm, to support individual research on one’s own totality. Mindfulness.
Her physicality is built on full, embodied, fast, rhythmical changes of emotions and images.

With this preparation, the dancers then move into learning a given choreography, exploring how to find oneself in learning situations, and absorbing the material. Sita’s movement language is expressive, fluent, sensual, earthy and honest. The unique, animalistic movement language that arises from human instincts is her particular and peculiar signature in dance.

On three days of the week, Attila will compliment the Complex Simplicity study with his
Contemporary Underground world of rhythm and groove, house footwork and funky spirited phrases.

How to apply:
Please send an email to
– short Information about your previous work experiences
– if and where you have taken another workshop with Sita
– video of an improvisation exploring your total moving body initiated by shoulder blades and sit bones, 
no longer than 1min.

Costs for participants: 310 EUR

Contact details:

For further information visit: Instagram: @sitaostheimer | @sitaostheimerworkshops | @attila_ronai

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