Centre for Choreographic development SE.S.TA invites you to participate in our annual summer Coaching Residency for Choreographers taking place in Prague, Czech Republic from 17th till 24th.

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

When: 17th – 24th August 2017

Deadline for applications: 15th May 2017

Coaching Residency for Choreographers is a concept that aims to enrich professional development of individual artists. It offers new opportunities to choreographers who want to profile their personal direction and helps to clarify the new paths of the artist’s research. All this is achieved through a performance on the specific choreographer`s extant project with his group through his cooperation with a supervising professional coach.

The role of the coach himself is to lead a dialogue with the artist, help him formulate questions, which will get answers and encourage him to discover the optimal responses and also suitable choreographic tools for his oncoming job.

The coach, therefore, is not in a position of a lecturer, but of a smart mirror for the artist.

We would like to inform you that the registration has been enabled and we are announcing an open call for applications. May there be any artists around you whose skills development would be boosted by our workshop and who might be interested in our workshop, let them, please, know as well!

Anyone will be more than welcome to take part in this project and our prone cooperation is guaranteed.

Participants of the Coaching Residency for Choreographers will be granted:

– Dancing studio of sufficient capacity for their interpreters

– Supervision of a professional coach

– Peer-to-peer cooperation with other choreographers

– Constructive discussion and feedback

– Morning technical training sessions

– Conferences and lectures by experts from various fields

– DVD records of the work of progress

– Meeting with the audience

– International networking

– Sharing know-how and possibilities leading to actual results

As of this year our invitation kindly accepted following coaches:

Jean Gaudin (FR), Rivca Rubin (NL/GB) and Jean-Christophe Paré (FR)

For further inf http://www.se-s-ta.cz/event.php?residencies&coaching-residencies-for-choreographers-2017

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