Club Guy & Roni’s SPRING SEMINAR is back!

Where: Machinefabriek, Groningen, Netherlands

When: March 29th – April 1st

Deadline for applications: March 15th

Club Guy & Roni’s Spring Seminar is a full three-day workshop held in our studios in Groningen. It focuses on the repertoire of Club Guy & Roni as well as the creation processes of two promising young makers. The Spring Seminar is an incubator for ideas and diverse practices as well as a space of experimentation without judgement and filled with a daringness to fail. We invite dancers 18+ who are studying in University or are professionals in the field. The mornings will begin with class and repertoire taught by ensemble members of Club Guy and Roni and the afternoons will be dedicated to the research process of our chosen makers. In the evenings after research, we facilitate an open conversation about and question the process of making art, our relationships towards public, our responsibilities as makers and as performers, and beyond. On the last day there will be an informal presentation for our community of what has been researched as to see what comes of this quick and informal way of creating.

Join this year’s seminar, featuring top-notch instructors and exciting workshops. Secure your spot now and take your dance journey to the NEXT LEVEL! 

How to apply:
Apply by filling out the form on

Costs for participants: € 100,- / € 215 incl. sleeping arrangements

Contact details:
Gerard Paulissen

For further information, please visit

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