We are serching for dancers, choreographers, movement researchers, and other professionals interested in going further in their understanding of the movement creation. A workshop lead by Eva Martz. Scholarships available.

Where: Málaga, Spain

When: May 4rd, 5th and 6th

Deadline for applications: April 31st

Dancers, choreographers, movement researchers, and other professionals interested in learning more about movement CREATION should keep reading.

During this workshop we will share with the participants a live movement´capture using Inertial Technology and explain to them how choreographic tools are created from it. The participats will choreograph, dance, and explore while bringing their ideas to a live audience. They will be part of a real laboratory setting where data will be collected and analyse while the movement is happening. We’ll delve deeper into issues such as how movement decisions are made and how to break certain movement patterns in search of new dance vocabulary.

This a a very unusual three days workshop where we bring the technology we currently use and demonstrate how a choreographer, a dancer, or any other movement expert can benefit from it. The purpose of this encounter is to share with the participants our most recent findings and open a future debate.

How to apply: filling the application form https://www.evamartz.com/choreolab/

Costs for participants: 200 euro
Scholarships for students and professionals avaiable.

For further information, please visit https://www.evamartz.com/choreolab/

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