ChoreoLab – Made in Ulm are offering talented upcoming choreographers 30 hours to create a 15-minute work for four dancers based on a choreographic failure. Apply by submitting a 60 second dance film documentation of a ‘choreographic failure’.

Where: ROXY Ulm (LABOR 1|12) non-profit GmbH Schillerstraße 1/12, 89077 Ulm, Germany

When: Creation Week 1: 20-25 July
Creation Week 2: 27th of July to the 1st of August
Creation Week 3: 3-8 of August Creation Week 4: 10-15 of August
Production Week 5: 17-20 of August*
Performances @ 1900hrs on the 21,22,23 of August*

Deadline for applications: 2359hrs on the 30th of March 2020

“ChoreoLab – Made in Ulm 2020”. 249 Choreographic Failures.
Following the success of the choreographic works created, sold out performances and critical acclaim we are proud to announce our second open call for “ChoreoLab – Made in Ulm” in 2020. We are offering up to three choreographic residency opportunities to talented upcoming dance makers. This is an open call to choreographers up to 35 years young on the 21st of August 2020. We will commission talented emerging creators and give them the opportunity to conceptualise, create, execute and premier their work in a black box stage with four professional dancers. You will be collaborating with local choreographer Pablo Sansalvador to create an evening of dance inspired by this years theme and title: ‘249 Choreographic Failures’ (249CF).

The 2020 theme is in memory of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger’s 250th birthday Jubalium. Berblinger was an ingenious and a risk-taking inventor from Ulm. Better known as “Schneider von Ulm” he went down in history in 1811 for his failed flight attempt. As part of the anniversary celebrations “Berblinger 2020” is generating artistic works based on innovation, inventiveness, courage and adaptability in our urban society. Berblinger’s resilience through failure is what defined him and what inspires us. “ChoreoLab – Made in Ulm” is honouring Berblinger by inviting dance makers to create choreography from a leaping off point that we constantly try to avoid; Failure.

We invite dance makers, choreographers, film-makers and artists to connect to create a 60 second short film demonstrating a ‘Choreographic Failure’. A jury will select 10 finalists of whom each will be awarded 100 euros for their efforts. Then the ten shortlisted films will be shared in a public space where people from Ulm can watch each film and vote for who they would like to see awarded the residency. We have up to three one week residencies to offer. Be brave, there is no wrong way to fail.

How will the winners of the residency be selected?
A jury will select 10 Finalists by the end of May and each will be awarded a 100 euros. From these 10 finalists up to three choreographers will be democratically selected by members of the public of Ulm.

The Jury for the selection of the 10 finalists will consist of Reiner Feistel, Karla Nierad, Tommi Brem, Steffi Bichweiler and Michael Mutschler, coordinated by Pablo Sansalvador.
The jury will use the following criteria to select the 10 finalists.
1. Interpretation and the clarity of the theme to the viewer.
2. Creativity and originality of the depicted theme.
3. Quality of artistic composition and overall design based on the theme.
4. Overall impression and execution of the film/documentation.

What does the residency offer?
-A humble fee for the creation of your work
-A travel budget to Ulm and local accommodation during your stay
-Four professional dancers to create the piece
-The opportunity to participate in selecting the four dancers (audition date for dancers will be in May or June)
-A creation week with a minimum of 32 hours rehearsal with the four dancers, inside the performance space
-A professional recording of your piece and a 60 second trailer
-Photographic documentation of your creation week and performance
-A ‘production week’ to establish lighting, costumes and final rehearsals
-Press release and press reviews
-Rehearsal and performance space

When will the residency take place?
There will be four creation weeks and one production week in 2020:
Creation Week 1: 20-25 July
Creation Week 2: 27th of July to the 1st of August
Creation Week 3: 3-8 of August
Creation Week 4: 10-15 of August
Production Week 5: 17-20 of August*
Performances @ 1930hrs on the 21,22,23 of August*
*Important Apart from the creation week, choreographers are required to be there for the entire production week and all three performances from the 17-23 August. Inside the online application you will be invited to state your preferred creation week.

If you are offered the choreographic residency what requirements must you meet?
-Under the age of 36 years on the 21st of August 2020
-The capacity to portray this years ‘ChoreoLab – Made in Ulm’ theme ‘Choreographic Failure’ in a original and engaging manner
-An ability to create quality choreographic material under tight time restrictions
-The capability to work as a team player within a professional environment
-The capacity to create an original work with a duration between 12- 15 minutes
-Skills at creating your own lighting and executing a technical and production rehearsals efficiently
-Have a track record of previous choreographic works
-Living in Europe, preferably close to Ulm
-Appreciate the value in having the local community watch open rehearsals and previews of your work.
-Have ambition and vision to present and perform the work you created for the ‘ChoreoLab-Made in Ulm’ in other venues, festivals, theatres and choreographic competitions etc…

Partially completed applications will not be accepted. You are welcome to complete the application in German or English. Inside the application you will be asked to state your preference of creation week. The 10 finalists will be announced before the end of May and the residencies will be awarded by the 15th of June 2020 via email. We are happy to reply to any questions via

The aim of 249CF is to consciously identify, describe, create, share and perform failure through choreographic movement and dance. In our society there is a constant search for approval and acknowledgement of being ‘successful’ which is often short sighted and counter productive. It is only through countless failures that triumph can be attained. Often ‘failure’ has a negative connotation and the absence of visible failures puts enormous amounts of pressure on individuals to only demonstrate a success.

The ‘ChoreoLab – Made in Ulm’ encourages open discourse between the choreographer and viewer. Therefore we will be striving to initiate active participation by members of the public during the creative process.

This ‘ChoreoLab – Made in Ulm’ production is in collaboration with LABOR 1|12 ROXY Ulm non-profit GmbH, Moving Rhizomes e.V. and Stadt Ulm
To apply, please complete the following link:

Costs for participants: This is a paid opportunity for up to three choreographers.

For further information please visit:

How do I apply?
Applicants are invited to create and upload a Vimeo or Youtube link representing a 60 second short film/documentation of what a ‘choreographic failure‘ is to them.
Please fill-out the application form below where you can add your video link before the deadline @ 2359hrs on the 30th of March 2020

This is a paid opportunity, that includes local accommodation and a travel budget.

Contact details: We are happy to reply to any questions via

For further information, please visit

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